What is filter?

3 mins read - Updated on Jul 20, 2022

When you dig into insights, sometimes you need a shortcut. With our filters, you have!

We have 6 different filter options in Analytics:

  • Keywords
  • Profile
    • Human and Non-Human
  • Sentiment
    • Positive and Negative
  • Recent First
    • Influence and Popularity
  • Classification
  • Popular Topics
  • Date Range



KEYWORDS: The key to open insights gate!

We have detailed guides about keywords:


PROFILE:  Not CAPTCHA but better!

When you work in Kimola Analytics dashboard; sometimes you need to separate "real consumer" thoughts from the others, and our artificial intelligence model, developed by Kimola helps you.

Our AI tracks all Twitter profiles from posts in the dashboard and separates profiles which had real human profile pictures.


RECENT FIRST: Influence and Popularity

We can't know when content becomes a crisis or popular. However, with the "Recent First" option on the Kimola Analytics dashboard, you can sort the Twitter contents according to:

  • Influence First: Accounts with the highest followers. 


  • Popular First: Contents with the most shares.


Sentiment: Green Peppers or Red Tomatoes

The sentiment model, which is specially prepared for each brand, works with positive-negative and neutral distinctions with an accuracy of over 80%.

Understanding whether people feel positive or negative about a product, service, brand, or any subject -a.k.a. sentiment analysis- is vital for customer satisfaction and marketing departments. The expansion of the customer base of a product or service is directly proportional to customer satisfaction. Your consumers can turn into loyal customers only when they are satisfied with a product or service.

However, the size of the data required to make sound conclusions about how the target audience perceives a product or service makes it almost impossible to perform this analysis with just human power.

Thanks to the high capacity of computer processors and the power of artificial intelligence based on smart algorithms, machine learning allows us to conduct sentiment analysis in a much more practical, efficient, and effective way.

Popular Topics: Not a word cloud; but much more!

We all know what a word cloud is and it's not very efficient.

Although Popular Topics may seem like a word cloud at first; but our artificial intelligence developed by Kimola tracks and shows the terms that are used extensively in your content.


Classification (a.k.a Text Categorization)

Text data classification is a type of classification for which newly obtained texts fall into predetermined categories.

This type of classification; includes the messages sent to your company's social media accounts, texts written about your company in the digital world, transcripts of the calls made by your call center, and the classification of every other data that can be included as a text in your database.

Do you need more information about text classification? We have detailed guides here.


Date Range

From the day you create your audience, Kimola's system starts collecting content with your keywords. You can filter your contents by time interval with the date range.


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