Choosing Text and Label Columns of Training Sets

1 min read - Updated on Mar 06, 2024

Training sets are the files that helps train AI to create custom machine learning models. A training set should have 2 columns at least: One column should be the text data that you'd like to train AI with. And those texts should be labeled in the second column. To train AI and create a custom machine learning model, you need to upload the dataset to Kimola Cognitive. Follow these easy steps to choose text and label columns of training sets while creating a custom machine learning model: 

  • After clicking on the "Create a Custom Model" icon on your home screen, a white onboarding screen will appear.
  • Drag and drop (or simply upload) your training set.
  • The next screen is going to ask for the text and label column. 
  • Choose the content as text, labels columnnas the Label
  • Cick next.

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See it in action:

Choosing Text and Label Columns of Training Sets


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