Introduction to The Airset Generator Browser Extension

2 mins read - Updated on Jul 28, 2023

Kimola Cognitive offers a browser extension to grab comments from supported mediums and analyze the data on the dashboard. Now, let's dig on how to set up the airset generator and how to use it on different mediums! 

Firstly, we update our Github profile everytime we have a new release on Airset Generator. So the updated information can be found there.

What is Airset Browser Extension?

The Airset Browser Extension is an extension on Chrome Store published by Kimola to help our users grab review from supported mediums. 

How to Set Up The Browser Extension (Scroll to Watch Youtube Tutorial)

Here are the easy steps to set up the extension.

1. Go to Chrome Store and search for "Airset Generator", or simply click on this link.

2. Pin the extension to your Bookmarks Bar.

3. Click on it.

4. Click "Set Up", it will ask for an API Key.

5. Go to Home on Kimola Cognitive Dashboard:

6. Copy the API Key and paste it to the browser extension.

❗️You need to be a member of Kimola Cognitive and have an active dashboard, which means you need to pass the onboarding at Kimola Cognitive first. To pass the onboarding, watch the tutorial here.

Generating Airsets with Airset Generator (Watch tutorials on our Youtube Channel for each medium)

There are 2 different ways to get reviews, depending on the medium. 
a- If the site has "All Reviews", find that link and generate airsets. A red badge will appear on the icon with numbers on it ( extension-with-a-badge ) when it's available to generate reviews. Click on it and it will start generating. Stop whenever you have enough reviews.

b- If you need to scroll down to see the comments, scroll down till you have enough reviews to generate. Click on generate. 

❗️Do not close your tab when airsets are generated.

❗️If you have too many tabs open, the Airset generator might not work.

Where will I see my Airset after it is generated?

After the dataset is generated, you will be able to find it at

Supported Mediums 

Click on the Airset extension icon on your Bookmark bar to see the supported mediums. By September 2022, we support 15+ mediums. See all supported websites on this article.

Screen Shot 2022-08-05 at 14.00.57


Tutorials on Youtube

You can watch tutorials on our Youtube channel for each medium. We are constantly publishing new videos, so don't forget to Subscribe. 😇



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