Data Centric Brands Program

Around The Buzz in 80 Days

We are inviting data-driven marketers for a journey into consumer insights to discover new ways of communications. Act fast; we only have seats for 20 brands!

Data Centric Brands Program

We're offering $120K worth consumer insights to 20 brands who never underestimate the power of data. The program will provide you an in-depth look at the marketplace with trends and with psychographics of your consumers for better-informed marketing strategies.


We prepared five simple questions at the bottom of the page to get to know your brand better.



We will then review the applications and will reach out to the best matching brands for 30 minutes to introduce the details of the program.



You will then be ready to access your audience-specific insights and trends during the next 80 days!


80 Days of
Data Experience

As a Data Analytics company leading insights-based strategies of global brands, we will assist you throughout your data-driven journey.


Tracking what is vital to and popular with your audience and positioning your brand's communications around with those trends will help you to get closer to your audience.


Learn which Brands, TV Shows, Influencers, Celebrities, News Channels, Radio Shows, Contents affect your audience and understand their interests, music taste, sports preferences, and more.

Data Intelligence Support
in 12 hours

We will be available to answer your questions and provide support throughout your journey in 12 hours.

Who Can Apply?

Kimola's Data-Centric Brands program is available for the companies who can act fast, result-driven, and value data.


We will be happy to work with all kinds of B2C brands from Turkey, those who want to understand their consumers better, deeper; and faster.

Advertising Agencies

We will be happy to accept Advertising Agencies who want to understand consumers better, deeper, and faster for their current and potential clients.

Research Companies

We will be happy to accept Research Companies who want to understand consumers better, deeper, and faster for their current and potential clients.

Apply Now!

Just fill out the form, and we will contact you as soon as possible.


Here are some of the questions you might have. If yours is not here, you can always contact us.

The applications are open till September 30, and the program will run for 80 days for each accepted brand.

Kimola Team will review all of the applications one by one. If your brand ends up being one of the 20 to accepted to the program, you will be able to conduct free consumer and marketplace research and gain insights through the platform for 80 days. Kimola Team will also assist you to get leverage with consumer insights for your marketing decisions.

Our Consumer Research Platform will be free to all of the brands that are accepted to the program.

Each brand will be able to track three different audience segments during the program.

We will be accepting only 20 brands for the program.

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