Social Listening

“If you don’t listen to your customers, someone else will.”
-Sam Alton

Start listening social media to bring perfection to your service as a brand and sharpen your marketing strategy. Access your brand’s mentions across internet. Collect conversations about any topic to understand that world digitally. Track what people talk about your competitors to enlarge your market.

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Automated Sentiment Analysis

Kimola's Social Research Platform does not only gather data, but also brings automated sentiment analysis too. We combined our machine learning talent with our Social Research Platform for you to save time in labeling.

Automated Sentiment Analysis
Human Detection Filter

Human Detection Filter

For the marketers who work in a crowded area, we created a human detection filter. With this filter, our system can separate sales, news and spam accounts from human accounts for you, to get a cleaner data.

Filter by Influence or Popularity

We couldn’t hold our backs and we added some very cliche filters too, for our social listening feature. You can filter the content by it’s popularity or the creator’s influence with these filters. Cliche but useful.

Filter by Influence or Popularity
Filter by Popular Topics

Filter by Popular Topics

Instead of putting a “not very useful or technological” word cloud, we developed a popular topics technology. It can extract terms and creates an auto-filter out of them.


Pricing for social listening depends on keyword count and the data volume.

$ 39 /month
  • 1,000 mentions/mo
  • 3 keywords
  • -
$ 89 /month
  • 5,000 mentions/mo
  • 8 keywords
  • Export Reports
$ 149 /month
  • 10,000 mentions/mo
  • 12 keywords
  • Export Reports
$ 199 /month
  • 50,000 mentions/mo
  • 50 keywords
  • Export Reports
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