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Jan 31, 2019 - 7 min read
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At Kimola, we believe that the data tell us anything we want to know about our audience. From the first step to the last, planning the strategy of communications starts with the interests of your consumers. Even if you’re planning a TV Commercial, not just a digital campaign with an influencer, you need to understand what effects your audience. If this is your first read in our blog, welcome to AI-Driven Marketing :)

Content is the atomic particle of all marketing. - Rebecca Lieb, Author

Kimola’s AI has created an audience with 9475 people who are B+, interested in Traveling, and spends good money on their vacations, to understand what effects these people. Let’s dive in!


Demographics of Travelers


Composed mostly by females, the audience’s both genders are predominantly in between 24-35 of ages. Males are older in comparison to female users as we see 35-50 and 50+ users percentages are much higher.

Interests of Travelers

The general interests of Global Travelers audience tell us that these people are intellectual, free-spirited and sensitive.


They are enjoying their lives with a variety of hobbies, and they pursue many different points of interests. Their intellectuality level and interest in Business Life suggest a group of white-collars in B, B+ economic class.

How They Feel about Traveling


One of the most important aspects of their lives is, without a doubt, traveling. They see traveling is more like a lifestyle rather than a regular hobby. They are investing time and effort in it, most probably money as well. They are following related mags, influencers and keeping up with their best destinations like National Parks. (We will carefully analyze their interactions with traveling influencers in Human Touch part.)


Most Engaged Contents about Traveling



They engage with Sports Brands and like to do outdoor activities. We observe that both genders enjoy Football, but females are more into Running while males care more about Basketball.


Most Engaged Sports Brands

We also observe that they are shopping from Sport & Sportswear brands, and they have especially engaged with outdoor-focused brands like REI, The North Face, etc.


Engaged Sports Brands Contents



Global Traveler’s taste in music is dominated by four main genres; Rock, Heavy Metal, Blues and Pop. While they are engaging with many Pop musicians, many of them also read Rock and Heavy Metal mags, follow the related festivals and concerts.


Most Engaged Posts about Rock, Heavy Metal, Pop Mags

Business Life

An interesting point about Global Travelers is that most of them are actually white collars and living B, B+ lives. They are good trackers of Economics & Finance, and their interest in Entrepreneurship suggests free spirit and creative mind. It also suggests their desire to have a job where they have enough space and money for traveling, in other words, they would like to escape their current state and build up a better, in motion life.


Interests / Business Life


Engaged Business Interested Posts


Most engaged Contents about Self-Development

Global Travelers believe in self-development. They are good readers with a purpose in mind. They like to watch Documentaries, keep up with the latest developments in Science and Technology, follow up the Literature world… All in all, they are open to knowledge and eager to spend time/money on their development.


Most Engaged Contents of Sensitive Issues

We are looking at a group of people who are sensitive to civil issues and aware of their surroundings. They are participating in social movements and care especially for Health Issues and Animal Rights Protections.

Most Engaged Tv Shows

News, Talk Shows and Comedy programs are Global Travelers’ most favorite TV show genres. They are most actively engaging with these shows on Mondays and Thursdays. The most eligible hours to catch these users are between 21:00-00:00 p.m.

Talk Shows

Talk shows have a different place in their heart. We observe a variety of shows, mostly consist of male hosts. Their most engaging contents with “The Talk” show display their interest in participating in one of the shows on the studio. Additionally, they are following and engaging with many of the talk show presenters.


Interested in Talk Shows

Most Engaged Radio Channels

Global Travelers are not much interested in interacting with radios on social media. However, when they do, it is mostly for the campaigns the channels are doing like ‘rt and get free concert tickets’. They are open to following up small contests.


Most Engaged Contents of Radio Channels

News Sources

They are good followers of the current agenda of the country and global. They care about politics and especially follow the news about Trump administration and Brexit. Their sensitivity towards civil issues show itself in their news tendency as well, they have reacted to the news about gun control and climate change.


Most Engaged Contents of News Sources



Most Engaged 7 Brands of Travelers

73% of the Global Travelers audience interacts with brands. This high percentage tells us that these users are expressive and used to communicate with brands on social media. They are in touch with Airways and Information & Communications sectors the most, Thursdays and Fridays are their active days and after work hours 18:00–21:00 are their most active times.


Global Travelers brand engagements ensure us about their socio-economic class as we see many examples from B, B+ segment life. First of all, they are frequent flyers, which supports the idea that they are active travelers. They have Netflix, prefer their coffee from Starbucks, shop online via Target and Walmart, stream their most favorite travelers' videos from Youtube, and tell all of these about it on Twitter.



Global Travelers are open to using alternative ways of traveling as we see they have engaged with Airbnb. Rather than luxurious hotels, many of them are enjoying home staying with a more reasonable price. The tempting contents of the brand like ‘would you like to escape?’ especially feed into their travel desires.

Business Personalities


Global Travelers’ engagements with business personalities make it clear that they are into technology and would like to learn about the latest developments. They care about the pioneers of the sector and what do they think, act on to get inspired.

Traveling Influencers


They are keeping up with the traveling world with a variety of channels. Maybe one the most strong ones amongst them are influencers, who are actually living their dream life (at least appear to be). They are interacting with these influencers for the tips, location advice, and probably having the illusion of themselves going to all of these trips via their shared videos. Traveling influencers are under their skin!



Most Engaged Parenting Influencers

From their interest in Parenting influencers, we understand that there is an important group of parents or parents to be in Global Travelers. Their tendency in self-development reveals itself here as well with their desire to be better parents. More importantly, they care about being a parent who is able to travel, that is why we see their engagements with parent travelers like the co-founder of the TravelMamas.com, Colleen Lanin or Vera Sweeney.


  • A strong content strategy that would bring efficient brand communication and smart cooperation with spot-on brands & influencers.
  • Global Travelers prefer contents that are written with the first-person narrative.
  • They like humor in brands.
  • They are in B, B+ economic class, white collars, dreams about a life that has self-actualization and less emphasis on work.
  • They are expressive, will not hold back of the negative comments when something is bothering them.

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