Practical Guide to TensorFlow for AI and Machine Learning
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Practical Guide to TensorFlow for AI and Machine Learning

A practical and focused guide on using TensorFlow for AI and machine learning, written by Laurence Moroney. The book covers essential concepts and provides clear explanations and examples. It is suitable for both beginners and experienced coders. However, some readers find the Python code poorly written and the book lacking in explanations for certain topics. Overall, it is a valuable resource for learning TensorFlow.

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Custom Date - Jun 14, 2024
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  • Great summary of machine learning and what to do with it

    Met and exceeded my expectations. Great walkthroughs and explanations on coding machine learning into different environment (using TensorFlow). Also good starter discussion on ML techniques. I especially liked the mx+b example of neural networks, very intuitive. Answered lots of questions I had about using my models, such as with JavaScript or using transfer learning.

    The last chapter on ethics / federated learning felt a little short (but the fact it was there was already good). I would have liked a little more on dealing with / identifying model drift and training on new data while not overwriting the weights of the old. Essentially more lifecycle stuff. Discussion of ML model deployment was all TensorFlow but like I really enjoyed it all.

    • Positive
    • Practical and Applicable
    Feb 05, 2022
  • good starting point for deep learning education

    - It is a good intro for student of AI and machine learning.
    - It helps you get a grasp on machine learning quickly. If you want to learn by doing, this is the right book for you.

    - The author does not always hold you hand through the whole journety. You have to figure out certain things for yourself by looking at the example code which is available online. As the title suggests, the book is for coders who know how to read code and put together pieces of code snippets to make the examples work (but don't worry, it's not that difficult).
    - The author does not spend a whole lot of time on explaining the details of fundamental AI/ML concepts. Again, if your background is not in engineering/math/programming, you may find it hard to keep up. You might want to learn the basic concepts elsewhere first.

    All in all, this is a good intro book on AI and machine learning, but you will most likely need supplemental material to have better understanding of what's in the book. I personally prefer the teaching style of and it university course which is more hands on and takes time explaining the difficult concepts.

    • Positive
    • Incomplete Coverage
    Dec 17, 2021
  • Incredible, approachable, useful and easy-to-understand approach to TensorFlow and TensorFlow Lite

    I found this book to be incredibly practical, easy-to-approach, and directly applicable to real-world problems that I am trying to solve. I have read quite a few Machine Learning (ML) and AI-type books "for programmers". This book differs from them in having the sole focus of giving programmers the minimum, pertinent, focused information and context needed to start utilizing TensorFlow (TF) on their own projects, right now. There are enough examples in this book that one of them might directly address a problem you are contemplating using TF for. If not, reading how to apply TF across these various scenarios is likely to enable you to try TF in your project. I really like the "results-driven" organization of the chapters. This makes the book both a self-contained class in using TensorFlow as a developer, and a good "cookbook" for both using TensorFlow, and deploying TensorFlow models to alternate/resource-constrained devices (via TensorFlow Lite). I heartily recommend this book for these purposes!

    • Positive
    • Practical and Applicable
    Aug 13, 2021
  • If you know how to code, this is the book to get you into AI!

    Laurence is the teacher you always wish you had. He covers every aspect of TensorFlow with deep yet tangible intelligence. If you're worried about understanding the practice of machine learning and artificial intelligence, don't worry any longer. This book guides you through various aspects of the TensorFlow framework, but it also leans into the varying aspects of popular AI problems.

    You get the full tour in this book, from NLP coding to embedding your models in edge devices. Each section is overflowing with code samples to help you solidify what you're learning.

    10 out of 10, a cornerstone of any AI bookshelf.

    • Positive
    • Comprehensive Refresher
    Jun 03, 2021
  • Wonderful, easy to read and explained in a simple "Google like" way

    Laurence explains tough concept in easy way.
    Code in Github and website of Laurence has good examples
    This is my 3rd book on Machine Learning, and I have seen different approaches to explaining complex concepts like How CNN works? etc. The stye used by Laurence comes with many decades of experience to understand and I guess thats why he can explain so well. I am liking it :).
    I just finished Chapters 1, 2, and 3 with coding along the way.
    Will update again as I read and practice further.
    Thanks Laurence Moroney.
    Mahtab Syed

    • Positive
    • Clear Explanations
    Jan 07, 2021
  • A really good developer focused intro to Deep Learning with Tensorflow

    If you start with this book, watch Laurence's videos on the TensorFlow/ Google Developer youtube channel and work all the examples and exercises, you will have a solid foundation in deep learning. Then you could potentially learn more from the documentation itself or by using Aurélien Géron's book.
    I feel other Oreilly books should be like this.
    Although math is almost absent in this book (hence 'for coders'), Laurence does a great job explaining convolutions and maxpooling etc.. I've seen lectures from many sources that misattribute pixel/dimension reduction to the convolution step and not the pooling layer (worse yet, lump both together) but the author clearly explains the concepts.

    • Positive
    • Introduction to TensorFlow
    Dec 30, 2020
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