Kimola Newsletter | Cognitive 5#: 🤖 AI, AI everywhere!

Nov 07, 2022 - 5 min read
Kimola Newsletter | Cognitive 5#: 🤖 AI, AI everywhere!

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Updates From Kimola Cognitive!

Scrape & Analyze Reviews

Horeca Conversations Classifier

The quality of services such as accommodation and restaurants, that you will receive when you travel to a place directly affects the pleasure of travel. To avoid being unhappy at the most anticipated time of the year, consumers are also looking for places that other consumers experience and approve of. This search causes more importance to be given to consumer comments in the process of creating travel plans. Thus, analysing online reviews of different HoReCa services on platforms is inevitable to provide guidance to businesses.

That's exactly why we've integrated new websites like and Tripadvisor into Kimola Cognitive'browser extension. We've also created a new machine learning model that makes it easier for you to analyze hotel, restaurant and cafe reviews by just drag-and-drop. You can sign up to start automatic classification here!

If you wish, you can take a look at the YouTube video where we explain how you can get data from with our browser add-on Airset Generator.

Training dataset:

💎 In this model, visitor feedback of hotels, restaurants, and places to visit from around the world on sites like and Tripadvisor is classified under 4 labels: location, cleanliness and comfort, staff and service, and food.

💎 Manually tested by our data analysts, the model has a 93% accuracy rate in English.

This Week in Kimola Newsletter

AI's Vital Role in Future Business

In this new era of technological development, which is advancing daily, the role and use of artificial intelligence in our home and business lives are becoming increasingly important. Today, there is almost no doubt that the application of artificial intelligence is becoming more and more common. To gain a global view of how AI is transforming organizations, 94% of business leaders agree that AI use will be critical, according to Deloitte's survey of 2,620 global business leaders. In addition to this success, there is an unexpected output. Although the use of artificial intelligence is increasing, it is still not the first choice in the way we do business, and in most cases, the outputs of artificial intelligence are not even examined. While 79% of survey respondents said they benefited from around 3 or more types of AI technology, the amount of AI not performing well in the field rose from 17% last year to 22% this year. The good news, however, is that the rate of good performers has increased to 79%, compared to 62% last year

AI Reads Minds

A group of researchers from the Department of Computer Science and Neuroscience at the University of Texas have developed a machine learning-based artificial intelligence model that can work with strings of words that match input from people's brain activity and the meaning behind it. Ultimately, this artificial intelligence can read minds. A person who was tested with this artificial intelligence has listened to a story containing the sentence, “I went upstairs where our bedroom is that night, and I turned off the lights and lay on the floor, not knowing what else to do.” The artificial intelligence analyzed the person's brain scan, revealing the following sentence: "I went back to my bedroom, I had no idea where my bed was, I just thought I was going to sleep on it, but instead, I lay on the floor." Of course, although this sentence is not the direct sentence that goes through the mind of the person being tested, it is pretty close. Moreover, artificial intelligence will develop much more in this regard over time.

Shutterstock Sells AI-Generated Photos with OpenAI

Artificial intelligence technology is becoming more common in our lives every year. We are now seeing artificial intelligence that can turn text into images, and this is becoming more. Many important works have already been visualized with artificial intelligence. Yes, we are talking about artificial intelligence technologies such as DALL-E, which you may have heard of lately. When we look at the latest developments in artificial intelligence technology, it is obvious that this will lead to serious discussions in the future. Because Shutterstock, known as the world's most popular photo sales platform, and Getty Images has already started to argue. Shutterstock recently announced a wide-ranging collaboration with Open AI, the developer of the popular photo purchasing platform DALL-E, announced that DALL-E and Shutterstock would begin to work integrated in a few months. On top of that, Getty Images CEO Peters said that he does not support other photo sales platforms selling artificial intelligence-supported images, and Getty Images' stance is clear at this point.

Can We Trust Artificial Intelligence?

Our dependence on artificial intelligence-based outputs is constantly increasing both in our daily life and in our business life. But are we willing to fully rely on the predictions and analysis of artificial intelligence? Are we sure that the data supplied to these systems is correct? Are the decision models and algorithms kept up to date? Is it free of bias?  The answers to these questions are all still up in the air, according to a recent survey of 7,502 businesses around the world, commissioned by IBM in partnership with Morning Consult. The research also shows that trust is a priority, but many organizations are not taking enough steps to ensure AI is reliable. 85% of respondents agree that consumers are more likely to choose a company that’s transparent about how its AI models are built, managed and used. In addition, 84% say that “being able to explain how their AI arrives at different decisions is important to their business.

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