How to Scrape and Analyze Trustpilot Business Page Reviews for Free?

May 01, 2023 - 5 min read
How to Scrape and Analyze Trustpilot Business Page Reviews for Free?

Customer feedback provides important information about customers' expectations. This is important for businesses and their founders. With this feedback, companies easily notice the deficiencies in their products and services.

With customer feedback, you can improve your business's products and marketing strategies. Adapting the companies' products according to customer preferences increases service quality. This leads to an increase in customer satisfaction. Additionally, customer feedback helps businesses identify issues and improve their experience.

As a result, customer feedback is a valuable source of information that empowers businesses to continuously improve and deliver products and services that meet customer expectations.

On this blog post, I'm going to talk about why it's important to analyze customer reviews of your Trustpilot business page and how you can do it one click. If you'd like to hop on the analysis part, click the banner below and try it yourself!👇👇👇

Analyze Trustpilot Business Page Reviews

Why Trustpilot is Important for Customer Research?

Trustpilot, founded in 2007, is an online review community and platform that connects businesses and consumers. It fosters trust and collaboration by providing a space for genuine feedback on buying and service experiences. 

Trustpilot reviews play an important role in customer research, providing insight into businesses and their products. Consumers rely heavily on the opinions of others before they experience it. Trustpilot is a platform service where customers can share their feedback, and buyers can benefit from making choices. These reviews allow consumers to evaluate a business's reputation, reliability, and quality.

As an entrepreneur, starting a company is undoubtedly difficult. There are many tasks, from finance and invoice management to driving sales. Among these responsibilities, it is important to make the most sales; research is The most important factor in good sales.

Understanding your target audience and market trends is important for selling. At this point, Trustpilot can provide you with valuable insights into customer experiences. By analyzing Trustpilot data, you can gather insights that can help you improve your sales strategies.

Who Can Use Trustpilot Reviews for Customer Research?

Companies that want to do customer research with Trustpilot comments, market research firms and advertising agencies can use it. Through these reviews, companies can improve their products or services. Companies doing market research can conduct competitor analysis and catch market trends. Advertising agencies, on the other hand, understand what customers are saying about brands and can create marketing strategies.

Trustpilot has released an insight report on customers' behaviour (click for report). According to the report, the categories that customers comment on the most are as follows: Home & garden, electronics & technology, events & entertainment, food, beverage & tobacco, health & medical, hobby & crafts, home & garden, shopping & fashion.

Based on this report, we have published articles containing analyzes for fitness centres, cafes, hobby shops, fashion stores, furniture stores and equally important hairdressers and beauty salons.

Sample Trustpilot Analysis Reports

When you create a report with Kimola's free research tool by pasting your Trustpilot business link, here is the format of the report that you'll see; 


Fitness Centers: Anytime Fitness Customer Review Report 

Entrepreneurs need to be aware of customer requests to ensure continuity in fitness centres. There are some criteria that customers focus on, and the most important are adequate equipment, clean studios, and expert training. Based on these factors, customer analysis comments are important for the effective management of the centre. 

See full report

Fashion Stores: Parasol Store Customer Review Report

Fashion stores should pay attention to customer feedback. Especially at some points, customers pay attention to issues such as window display, store layout, and staff attitude when choosing a store. Analyzing customer comments at these points makes fashion stores attractive.

See full report

Hobby Stores: Flashbay Customer Review Report

Hobby store founders need to know their customers, and knowing which designs or products are popular with customers keeps customer relationships strong. By analyzing customer reviews, you can gain insight into their overall experiences, such as pricing, delivery, and quality.

See full report

Coffee Shops: Trusted Shops Customer Review Report

It is important to analyze customer comments when establishing or operating a coffee shop; it allows the coffee shop to reveal its difference from its competitors. Because the business cares about its customers, customers consider key factors such as freshness, variety, and interior design when choosing a coffee shop.

See full report

Hair and Beauty Saloons: Cult Beauty Customer Review Report

What are the most important criteria for customers when looking for a hairdresser and beauty salon? Customers pay attention to elements such as cleanliness and personalized hairstyles. Hairdressers and beauty salons should consider the customers' comments, analyze, develop, and change accordingly to be one step ahead.

See full report

Furniture Stores: UK Bed Store Customer Review Report

Furniture store owners need to know their customers to reveal the business's strengths and weaknesses. Understanding which designs, colours, and useful features are popular means getting to know customers. For this reason, businesses can be strengthened by analyzing customer comments.

See full report

How to Scrape and Analyze Trustpilot Reviews Easily

In our article, we talked about the importance of customer feedback for entrepreneurs in different customer review categories. There are many tools with which you can analyze customer reviews. In this section, we wanted to offer you an alternative to scrape TrustPilot reviews without registering anywhere. Scrape and analyze in one click. Here is the link:

Content of The Customer Feedback Analysis Report

When you convert customer reviews from Trustpilot into a report on Kimola's platform, this report will contain 30 customer reviews. The content of the report is as follows:

Executive Summary of Trustpilot Reviews: Thanks to Kimola's GPT integration, an executive summary of reviews is provided.

Sentiment Analysis: Trustpilot categorizes reviews as positive, negative, or neutral. It does this with NLP and machine learning algorithms.

Content Analysis: Identify and categorize patterns in Trustpilot reviews.

NPS Score: Net Promoter Score is an effective way to measure customer loyalty and predict business growth.

Categories instances of content as follows: Customer Service, Features and Quality, Orders and Delivery, Others and Pricing

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