Why Media Monitoring is Essential for Crisis Management?

Jul 07, 2020 - 3 min read
Why Media Monitoring is Essential for Crisis Management?

For good ideas and true innovation, you need human interaction, conflict, argument, debate. - Margaret Hefferman

What is Media Monitoring?

Media monitoring is the term used for information collecting and the further process of analysis and inference. Media monitoring helps to track the media outputs which relate to the company, can be used for various implications. It enhances the track of links, mentions, and labeled emotions. It allows the company to depict the x times positive and x times negative content to reach valid assumptions.

Social Media Monitoring

Crisis Management & Media Monitoring

Crisis management is the process of a company that deals with occasions that pose danger for the company. The crisis may threaten the reputation of the company at different levels, so the companies develop certain strategies for overcoming the threats and turning them into advantages. One of the key parts of the crisis management process is media monitoring especially considering the benefits of media monitoring including the enabling of sentiment analysis and the interactions through social media which provides a better understanding of the opinions toward themselves and better indicate the negative formation of ideas which reflects the consumer mindset to determine the ultimate approach to fix the crisis.

Think of a company that deals with a crisis, to be able to depict the issue; the most significant results will be reached through opinion mining of user insights. Media monitoring will provide the labeled emotions, conversations, favorite mentions around a keyword, and by using Kimola’s Social Research Platform, the additional features such as interests of people who mention X, their demographics, and their preferences are offered to the client. By knowing the target audience, and their mindset; developing strategies for coming out of the crisis stronger or turning crisis into an advantage, will give better results with precise control and a clear purpose.

Crisis Management & Media Monitoring

What is Sentiment Analysis?

When we consider the increasing media impact on almost every field; the influence of media-based-portals on customer researches is becoming on advanced levels. Sentiment analysis is getting more popular as reflecting the emotions and attitudes of the target audience toward a topic. It is now easier to specify insights when they are available on online platforms. The limitless data is evolving consistently and used for consumer insights. The labeled emotions’ further analysis is called sentiment analysis.

Why Kimola is a Unique Platform?

Kimola offers extra values to their clients by implementing interpretations with automated data which performs as social research instead of social listening by enabling consumer research for brands with a larger audience through offering both automated lifestyle data and manual which allows to depict the further data and consequently enhance sustainability.

To keep up with the latest trends and audience insights, Kimola’s Social Research Platform can help you. To know more about the features of Social Research Platform and the ways you can benefit from it, you can always reach us via Contact Sales Page, or you can book a call via Calendly.

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