Announcing $75 Credit to Members of Our Social Research Platform (Yey!)

Jul 02, 2020 - 2 min read
Announcing $75 Credit to Members of Our Social Research Platform (Yey!)

Today we have some exciting news to share with dataholics regarding the new credit system to our new and existing members. Our mission at Kimola has always been to become one of the most transparent data analytics companies by creating reachable products and open pricing policy without arranging a demo with our team. As a result of our mission, we are happy to announce that everyone who sign-up at our Social Research Platform will be able to reach our products before purchasing anything! We are also thrilled to support students and start-ups who are looking for free data for a limited time. 

How Will I Get My Free Credit?

Existing members will get an e-mail from us to receive their credits. New members will receive the credits by signing up. Sign up here to get your $75 credit right away!

What am I Able to Do With My Free Credit?

As you know, Kimola has various of products that are developed for marketers and researchers. This credit will only be available at our Social Research Platform.

There are three different features on our Social Research Platform;

  • Lifestyle Analysis: Brings the lifestyle data of the audience that you create.
  • Social Listening: Helps you to monitor conversations across social media channels, forums, blogs, and web.
  • Trends Analysis: Helps you to analyze trends in a vertical.

This credit will help you to get the basic package of Social Listening (3 keywords, up to 1000 conversations) to monitor conversations across social media channels and web.

What is the Time Range to Use the Free Credit? 

You will be able to use the credits for 90 days. After 90 days, your credits will expire.

Still have questions? You can always contact us for further questions. 

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