Product Update #3: There Is No Data Without Reports!

Apr 02, 2021 - 1 min read
Product Update #3: There Is No Data Without Reports!

Here we are with new updates at Kimola Analytics.

This week, we were all into reports! While our research team is conducting consumer research in different countries such as Russia, France, Spain, our product and development team wanted you to export your data easier than ever. Let's check what they did! 


Every Data Needs A Report

Kimola Analytics Report

With "Export As" option, you can create reports as excel or pdf formats. You can also see and download your reports from "Reports" section on the left frame. Did you delete your reports by mistake? NO PROBLEM! You can recreate your report from Audiences without losing a single data.


What Is Going On In Your Country

Country Trends

Including your brand, you can also get news about everything from your country.  When you login to Kimola Analytics dashboard, "Country Trends" welcomes you. This list shows what is happening around your country by analyzing news from media sources, Google Trends, and Twitter Trends. You can click the image of any news you would like to read. And it's free!



Have a great week product lovers!

Team Kimola

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