Kimola + GPT: Generating Social Media Content with Customer Reviews

Author: Beybin Esen - COO, Kimola
Beybin Esen COO, Kimola
Apr 03, 2023 - 7 min read
Kimola + GPT: Generating Social Media Content with Customer Reviews

In this digital age, companies and even individuals need to establish digital assets for communication, and creating social media content is one of the ways to do so. Some brands use digital agencies to develop those social media content themes, but even though an agency works for at least 50 brands and has the expertise, they need to research that business to create content. 

In this blog piece, I will cover one way to create social media content for your brand. It won’t be the easiest way (as there are no easiest ways to build brand loyalty!) 

But surely, it will help you create content that resonates with your customers. Because what I’m about to show you will help you create social media themes with your customer reviews with just a few clicks.

After telling you how to do it, I will also show you some sample results. If you quickly want to jump to the results, scroll down! 

First, I want to secretly hand this information: Right now, only Kimola Cognitive automates creating powerful marketing materials inspired by your customer reviews. So buckle up; we’re starting. 

Generating Social Media Content Themes with AI

1- Sign up for Kimola Cognitive

Go to and sign up for a 7-day free trial. No coding skills or no credit cards are required! 

2- Get your customer reviews on excel

If you’re already using a tool to scrape or collect customer feedback, fine. If not, Kimola Cognitive offers a free browser extension to scrape reviews from channels like Amazon, Youtube, Yelp, G2, etc. See how to set it up here and watch our tutorials on Youtube. 

3- Do you already have an excel file with customer feedback? Great!

All you need to do is drag and drop your excel file on Kimola Cognitive’s dashboard and follow the walkthrough. Choose “Social Media Content Theme Generator” when it comes to “Generators,” and voila! Kimola Cognitive will analyze your data, share the analysis with a GPT model and return with your 10 Social Media Content Themes related to your business.


Why is this better than creating content directly with Chat-GPT?

Chat-GPT is excellent, but when you build the right prompt with the suitable dataset. You can not share a thousand reviews with Chat-GPT, but Kimola’s technology can analyze the whole data and share the analysis with a GPT model, which would take a lot of time manually! So GPT models can create social media content themes based on your customer reviews dataset. 


I will share my experience to help you get the best out of this post. I tested the Social Media Post Generator of Kimola Cognitive with two different products that are being sold on In this case, we will generate social media posts for our brands, but we will develop social media posts considering the customer reviews of our brand, which will help us get inline content. So let’s start!

The First Test

Brand: Guess Women’s Loven Sneaker
Review details: Scraped 1000 customer reviews from
See and download all customer reviews free: Kimola's Github 
Here is a sneak peek from the reviews: 

guess women shoes reviews

First, I needed to scrape the reviews. This browser extension automatically captures the reviews from Amazon; I just had to find the “all reviews” page and start the extension. (Kimola has a whole Youtube channel for the ones who want to use this extension.)

Airset Generator

I downloaded the reviews from the Kimola Cognitive dashboard. Then I saw Spanish reviews in the data, so I had to translate those into English. I went to Google Translate, uploaded my document, and it took about 3 seconds to get the translation back. After the translation, I uploaded the data to Kimola Cognitive’s dashboard and chose the review colon; it was pretty straightforward: 

Kimola Cognitive Dashboard

Then I had to choose the language (it already knew the language), so I barely did a thing; I just clicked Next), and then there was the models' page. These are pre-built classifiers offered by Kimola Cognitive -it helps you analyze your data with related tags. When I'm trying to understand customers, it's always best to dig into the data as much as I can.

Kimola Cognitive Dashboard

I needed to choose the generators I wanted as marketing materials and decided on Social Media Themes. There are many prompts like Executive Summary Generator, Product Description Generator, etc. But this post is all about Generating Social Media Themes with AI. Remember, all I'm doing here is choosing from the options and clicking next, nothing more:

choose the generators

Here are the results that Kimola Cognitive analyzed and requested to generate social media themes from the GPT model by using the customer reviews:


The things that I liked about these social media content themes are:

  • It captured keywords like “comfort,” “style,” and “sparkle” from the customer reviews. Without these reviews, it would be any sneaker’s social media post.
  • Motivations like “wearing it to any occasion” or “perfect for any day” are, again, a reflection of the customers.
  • It created sentences with those and enhanced the post with emojis.

You can try it yourself by signing up. 

The Second Test

Brand: Amazon Collection 18k Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Celtic Necklace
Review details: Scraped 1000 customer reviews from
See and download all customer reviews free: Kimola's Github
Here is a sneak peek from the reviews:

Amazon Customer Reviews

This time, I wanted to create social media themes for an unknown brand, just a regular e-commerce product. It’s a yellow gold plated necklace with a Celtic shape; I believe customers are very into it. Let’s see what they liked and their motivations by analyzing the reviews with Kimola Cognitive and creating social media themes by the GPT model via the analysis.

Amazon Gold Necklace Customer Reviews

The things that I liked about the output are:

  • As a marketing professional, finding a comfortable space to create social media content that resonates with people is crucial. Your content should make your target group feel “close” to your brand and make them feel “sophisticated” too. This is called the art of "creating brand identity," which establishes a concept for generating new ideas and making content appear more professional. A strong brand identity is essential for creating social media content because it demonstrates consistency and recognition across all platforms. Not just social media content but your brand identity affects your design in packaging, colour themes, logo, icons you use on your website, and even the replies you’ll be giving to your customers. By defining your brand identity, you can start a concept that aligns with your business goals, values, and audience preferences. This concept will serve as a foundation for your content, allowing you to create a cohesive and recognizable brand image. Ultimately, this can build trust and loyalty among your audience, increase engagement and conversions, and contribute to the success of your marketing efforts. Even if you're a small business owner or marketer without a brand identity, tools like Kimola Cognitive can inspire and establish one quickly without spending much time or money.

In this case, I may not be interested in design or Irish culture. Ultimately, I’m just selling a necklace with a Celt design. So maybe, I didn’t know the relation between the Celtic Knot and Ireland. One of the suggestions was, “No need to travel to Ireland!” which excited me a lot. Now that I know that Celt & Irish culture is mentioned together, I might create at least ten different contents with this idea, even use Irish green in packaging or target Irish culture addicts or maybe try to sell this necklace in Irish pubs :)  (Fact: The Celts were an ancient group of people who lived across much of Europe, including parts of what is now Ireland, Britain, France, Spain, and Germany. However, Ireland has become particularly associated with the Celts because the culture and traditions of the Celts have been remarkably well-preserved in Ireland.)

  • Terms like “timeless classic,” “last a lifetime,” “lasting impression,” and “beautiful” is mentioned precisely like this in customer feedback so that they will resonate with the target group.

Are you ready to upload your customer reviews and generate social media content ideas? Click here for 7 days free trial.

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