Kimola + GPT: Generating Brand Slogans with Customer Reviews

Apr 03, 2023 - 3 min read
Kimola + GPT: Generating Brand Slogans with Customer Reviews

A brand slogan is like a catchy phrase that summarizes what a brand is all about. It's like a brand's "motto" that communicates its personality, values, and unique selling point to customers. A strong slogan can create an emotional bond with customers and make them feel connected to the brand. It can also help a brand stand out from its competitors and become the go-to choice for customers. Overall, a brand slogan is a fun and creative way to build brand recognition and make customers remember and create a lasting emotional connection.

In this post, I am going to show you how to generate the most effective brand slogan in minutes by using Kimola Cognitive! Furthermore, we are going to do this using your customer reviews, ensuring that your users adopt the brand identity and that you can easily reach potential customers.

Once I explain the process, I'll provide you with some sample results. And if you're eager to see the results right away, feel free to scroll down!

Let me start by sharing a secret with you: Kimola Cognitive is the only text analysis  platform in the world that automates the process of creating impactful marketing materials based on your customer reviews. So get ready because we're about to embark on an exciting journey!

Generating Brand Slogans with AI - A Step by Step Guide

1- Unlock Your Brand’s Potential with Kimola Cognitive.

Sign up for a 7-day free trial of Kimola Cognitive at By the way, you don’t need any coding skills or we are not interested in your credit card (at first)!

2- Your customer reviews are in your hands with just one click.

Collect your customer reviews on an Excel sheet. If you don't have a tool to do this, no worries! Kimola Cognitive offers a free browser extension that can scrape reviews from various channels such as Amazon, Yelp, and G2. Check out our tutorials on YouTube to learn how to set it up.

3- The last step is the easiest!

If you already have an Excel file with customer feedback (or used Kimola’s Airset generator to get those), simply drag and drop it onto Kimola Cognitive's dashboard and follow the walkthrough, then choose the "Brand Slogan Generator” and that’s all! Kimola Cognitive will analyze your data, share the results with the GPT model, and generates 10 brand slogans for your marketing and sales strategies, considering positive content.

Why is this better than creating brand slogans directly with Chat-GPT?

Despite being one of the most powerful AI tools, Chat-GPT still requires the right prompt and dataset to produce effective results. Kimola's technology, on the other hand, is based on text analysis and natural language processing (NLP). Kimola Cognitive provides an analysis of the most important parts by analyzing customer reviews, which would otherwise require a considerable amount of time to do manually. After the analysis, Kimola Cognitive shares the results with the GPT model, which can now generate brand slogans based on customer feedback. As we all know, the best slogan is the one that connects with your target audience. Therefore, developing brand slogans based on customer feedback is best for your marketing strategies.


I’m going to share my whole experience to help you get the best out of this post. So let’s start!

The First Case

Brand: HUGGIES Baby Wipes, 11 Flip Lid Packs (704 Wipes Total)
Review details: Scraped 1000 customer reviews from
See and download reviews: Kimola Github
Here is a sneak peek from the reviews: 

How to Generate Brand Slogans with AI - Amazon - Huggies Baby Wipes - 1000 Reviews

To capture the reviews, I actually began by using Airset Generator, Kimola's browser extension that automatically scrapes customer reviews from Amazon, YouTube, Google, and other mediums. All I needed to do was go to the "all reviews" page and enable the extension. By the way, Kimola even has a YouTube channel that focuses on teaching people how to use this beneficial extension.

Brand Slogans Generate - ChatGPT Launch

I noticed that some of the reviews were in Spanish after downloading the dataset from the Kimola Cognitive dashboard. If we want to have an effective result, the dataset we use for the GPT analysis should be in one particular language. Therefore, I translated all of the reviews into English using Google Translate. Fortunately, the translation process was quick, and it ended only in seconds.

Translating the dataset - Brand Slogans Generate - ChatGPT Launch

When the translation was completed, it was quite simple for me to upload my dataset to the Kimola Cognitive dashboard and select the review colon:

Sheets _ Colons - Brand Slogans Generate - ChatGPT Launch

Next, I continued to the models page, where I was asked to choose a language—by the way, Kimola's AI had already detected the language, so all I had to do was click "Next."

I did not select any models for the following step, but feel free to do so if desired. These pre-built models are free to use, and they help you classify your data with related tags. The sentiment and e-commerce classifiers, in particular, are highly recommended for e-commerce customer reviews.

Machine Learning Models - Brand Slogans Generate - ChatGPT Launch

In order to produce effective marketing materials with the GPT model, I needed to choose which generators would be most beneficial to me. As this blog piece primarily focuses on generating brand slogans using AI, I will utilize the Brand Slogan Generator. Therefore, I ultimately selected the Brand Slogan Generator, among other helpful prompts, such as the Executive Summary and Product Description Generators.

Selecting the Brand Slogan Generator - How to Generate Brand Slogans with AI

Kimola Cognitive analyzed the data and generated inspirational brand slogans using the GPT model. Check out the results:

Results - Huggies Brand Slogans Generate - ChatGPT Launch

The things that I liked about these slogans are;
When we examine the generated brand slogans, it's clear that these Huggies slogans all share a common theme - an emphasis on quality, affordability, and sensitivity to babies' skin. These are the most powerful angle of the brand from the customer’s point of view. So why not use them?

  • Each slogan highlights a unique feature of the product, such as “moisturizing properties”, “durability, and “the availability” of wipes for different uses. The brand is positioning itself as a reliable and trustworthy choice for parents who want the best for their babies without breaking the bank.
  • Additionally, the use of phrases like "softness you can trust" and "expert care for sensitive skin" help to build an emotional connection with consumers and reinforce the brand's commitment to providing safe and gentle products for babies. 

Overall, these slogans effectively communicate the key benefits of Huggies diapers and wipes while building a strong brand identity that resonates with parents.


The Second Use Case

Brand: PUMA Men's Tazon 6 Sneaker
Review details: Scraped 1000 customer reviews from
See and download reviews: Kimola Github
Get a sneak peek of what reviewers are saying:

How to Generate Brand Slogans with AI - Amazon - Puma Shoes - 1000 Reviews

Let’s try out Kimola’s Brand Slogan Generator for a premium sportswear brand. I’ve selected Puma as the brand for which I will generate brand slogans based on the customer reviews again. This time, I wanted to choose a completely different brand market for the test. Puma Sports Shoes for Men and Huggies Baby Wipes are designed for different target markets with different needs and preferences. Puma emphasizes style, performance, and sustainability, while Huggies emphasizes safety, gentleness, and effectiveness. Both brands rely on effective marketing strategies to promote their products and connect with their target audience. By understanding the unique needs and desires of their customers, Puma and Huggies are now able to create products and campaigns that effectively communicate their brand values and drive sales.

Results - Puma Brand Slogans Generate - ChatGPT Launch

The things that I liked about these slogans are:
When we review the generated brand slogans, it's apparent that the brand slogans of Puma share a common theme of promoting the comfort and style of their shoes.

  • These slogans consistently highlight the experience of wearing Puma shoes, positioning the brand as a reliable source of high-quality shoes that offer exceptional comfort and style for any occasion. The brand's slogans also emphasize the durability and quality of its shoes, highlighting Puma as a trustworthy brand that delivers on its promises.
  • Also, customers prioritize comfort when buying shoes, and Puma's consistent messaging of comfort in every step positions the brand as a top choice for those looking for comfortable and stylish footwear

Overall, these slogans help Puma create a unique brand identity that sets them apart from competitors and positions the brand as a reliable source of premium footwear that offers a unique experience for customers who prioritize both style and comfort. These slogans also work to establish trust with customers by assuring them that they can expect great fit and supportive shoes that last, encouraging them to take the path less travelled with Puma. 


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