Why are Trustpilot reviews important for your company?

Mar 24, 2022 - 5 min read
Why are Trustpilot reviews important for your company?

Trustpilot is a consumer review website was founded in 2007, which hosts reviews of businesses worldwide. In Trustpilot, almost a million latest reviews are posted each month. Trustpilot is a review platform where consumers from 24 countries write their experiences about the services and products they buy. 

Many users use Trustpilot as a reference source, especially for e-commerce purchases or paid memberships. It is not only a service evaluation but also a site where consumers measure whether they can trust the brand before receiving service.

Here is a screenshot from the home page of Trustpilot:  


Available hidden data treasures for your company

The advantages of Trustpilot vary according to user types. Trustpilot's most obvious and effortless benefit is strengthening the consumer's voice. Consumers can criticize or praise a brand about the service they receive; this creates pressure to solve a problem and informs potential consumers about that brand and product. 

In addition, Trustpilot is a valuable data source for brands and entrepreneurs to evaluate themselves. Companies can take actions such as understanding the faults of their services and improving service quality by regularly following consumer reviews. Dozens of research budgets are already saved, huh? 

Let's take a closer look at Trustpilot and check how a page of a company looks on Trustpilot: 

Trustpilot consumer feedbacks


As a company that provides action-oriented insights to its customers about their brands and industries by processing consumer opinions with text analysis techniques such as machine learning and natural language processing, we recommend that all companies listen to their customers.

In particular, feedback that your customers do not tell you directly is precious. When collecting feedback in traditional research, consumers tend to be short and generally positive with the motivation to answer a question. Trustpilot is a platform that breaks this barrier and allows consumers to make long, detailed and honest reviews.

Trustpilot offers people who have used products and services the freedom to share their true thoughts with everyone else in as much detail and in their own words as they want. It also creates a unique opportunity for companies to gather feedback in honest and detailed comments.

Here is some helpful information that Trustpilot provides to business owners.

  • Your customers' satisfaction level
  • Ability to examine customer comments according to the degree of satisfaction
  • Ability to examine positive and negative comments by filtering concepts
  • Ability to understand what consumers think about your competitors
  • Strengths and weaknesses of your competitors 

In particular, obtaining information about your competitors is costly and challenging with traditional methods. Professional supports such as consumer satisfaction surveys and mystery shopper studies focus on solving this problem. However, it generally causes high costs in terms of time and price. However, with Trustpilot, you can follow both yourself and your competitors' comments free of charge and take various actions from these comments.

What Does Regularly Following Consumer Reviews Gain You?

What your consumers say about your company sheds light on your consumers' opinion of you. We talked about the troubles of getting candid opinions from consumers above. We cover some of the benefits of regularly following consumer reviews on Trustpilot.

In addition, consumer research often considers consumer opinions over a period of time. But in fact, there is a constant change in the ordinary course of life. One of the biggest benefits of following Trustpilot regularly is measuring whether your consumers are observing changes in your products and services.

What Do People Like Best in Your Company?

Your most admired features are likely the ones where you surpass your competitors and the market average. By finding your strong points, you can recognize the features that you need to highlight in your communications. As a business manager or business owner, you can also manage your time and budget investments in areas that need improvement. It is tough for companies to differentiate from their competitors, especially in high competition. You can differentiate yourself from your competitors by finding unique topics that satisfy your customers in these areas and offering them to other customers.

What Do People Dislike About Your Campany? 

Finding the issue that your customers complain about the most and identifying your weak points will provide you with the opportunity to conduct a qualified SWOT analysis. You can better manage your product and service portfolio by seeing the aspects you need to strengthen. Successful businesses keep their customers' attention alive by constantly improving their products and services and strengthening their hands in competitive conditions. 

You Can Increase Your Relationship With Your Customers By Reacting To Your Comments

Communication is a two-way phenomenon. As a company that has processed millions of consumer reviews, we know how cruel consumers can be. However,  we see that consumers are more moderate when interaction occurs. On the other hand, you can turn your already satisfied customer into a loyal customer through communication. Remember, one of Starbucks' successes is that it has found a way to engage its consumers individually.

Use Testimonials to Convince Your Potential Customers

Recent studies show that more than 90% of consumers read reviews about products and services before purchasing. Whether you are a coffee shop or a digital service provider, Getting positive reviews from other customers is key to enticing potential customers. The tendency of consumers to read reviews before shopping shows that Trustpilot is not only a channel where you measure yourself but also a channel where you can be used as an indirect marketing tool.

The tendency of consumers to read reviews before shopping shows that Trustpilot is not only a channel where you measure yourself but also a channel where you can be used as an indirect marketing tool.

More comments about you may be a sign that many people use your products and services. This can be a factor that directs undecided customers to an institution that other people prefer.

Understanding their customers is of great importance for businesses. Today, millions of people write reviews about companies and services on the internet. Companies can follow these reviews and conclude how their customers are happy with the service or product. Trustpilot is one of the most convenient platforms that businesses can understand their client's satisfaction levels. 

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