What does Tripadvisor reviews mean to business owners?

Mar 25, 2022 - 5 min read
What does Tripadvisor reviews mean to business owners?

Tripadvisor is a website that lists hotels, restaurants, places to visit, historical places, museums, places to travel and places to visit from all over the world, makes a local ranking on the reviews of these places, and contains visitor comments and photos.

According to SimilarWeb, more than one million users visit Tripadvisor every month, making Tripadvisor the most popular website in the United States among Travel and Tourism websites. Every day, millions of people use Tripadvisor to learn about accommodation alternatives or evaluate their vacation. Every day, millions of people use Tripadvisor to learn about accommodation alternatives or evaluate their vacation. So much so that many touristic facilities worldwide show the Tripadvisor rating to prove their success. 

Here is a screenshot from the home page of Tripadvisor:   


Introduction to Tripadvisor

First, you can find the best choice for your holiday. However, as a marketer, a small business owner or a data scientist, there is a terrific opportunity that Tripadvisor provides you: understanding consumer behaviours, and expectations and figuring out contemporary trends in the travel and tourism sector.

If you have a business running in tourism, a hotel or a restaurant, it does not matter. You can analyze the evaluations of your guests about you. More importantly, it is possible to analyze the competitors by examining the comments of other businesses around you. 
Marketing research is always pointed out as an expensive and complicated process. Still, it is now much easier to understand your customer in the tourism and travel industry!

Let's check how a page of a hotel looks on Tripadvisor: 

Tripadvisor consumer feedbacks

As a text analytics company that creates platforms that process and analyze comments and reviews in the digital world with Machine learning technology, one of the widely used text analysis applications, we recommend that everyone use these comments on the internet for their business, regardless of sector and service.

Understanding consumers is an endless cycle. With time, people's feelings, thoughts and, in parallel with these, their needs and expectations change. This change in the intellectual world of consumers continues non-stop. The most effective and easiest way to follow this change in real-time is to monitor and examine consumer comments on various channels regularly.

Being a researcher, and business manager in a touristic facility also means that you must determent your guests' satisfaction level and expectations and offer new services in your business based on feedback. So here are some questions that you can answer just by searching facilities on Tripadvisor and checking their page: 

  • Which facilities are your main competitors? 
  • How do your competitors evaluate Tripadvisor? 
  • What are the consumer reviews of my main competitor and my facility? 
  • What are the most criticized aspects of my competitors?
  • What are the most criticized aspects of my facilities?
  • What is the seasonal effect of review frequency? 

Meet the Expectations by Continuously Tracking the Comments

Even though checking the pricing, hospitality, and alternatives list will hint about the product and services, you can do more by digging into the reviews. If you do not listen to the visitors, you cannot understand, and if you do not understand, you cannot please them. The most critical campaigns globally are based on customer insight regardless of the industry. In tourism, it is possible to understand the thoughts of both your customers and potential customers by using Tripadvisor. Here are some actions that you can take by exploring the reviews: 

Pamper your guests and measure your ROI

Travel is one of the service sectors where people seek happiness and accordingly have the highest expectations. Who does not want to stay in a good facility, drink delicious wine or receive exceptional service? Offering extraordinary benefits to your guests can control how much this situation is reflected in visitor comments. Thus, whether your business is small or large, you will have a quick ROI analysis. 

Find your most criticized services

There may be some situations where your service is disrupted that you are not aware of, and your customers do not tell you. Although large companies are constantly researching to find such situations, local or small businesses may not always have such an opportunity; following the criticisms about your business allows you to find your facility's most problematic features and services. 

Find your competitors' most vital points

Some of your competitors may be delighting your customers with a new non-standard service that you may not be aware of. Being able to follow your competitors and the market in real-time and instantly allows you to learn about such situations. By integrating new services into your own business, you can increase interest in your company without falling behind the competition.

Tourism is one of the most challenging and most enjoyable areas globally. For tourism businesses, attracting people or positioning where people are is direct marketing action. Whether you are a tourist attraction operator or a tourism experience or service provider, Knowing the most popular places and what people think about popular sites gives you a significant advantage. You can quickly become a local guide and manage your potential investments in tourism by analyzing the most commented places, museums and ruins and analyzing the comments about these places.

Consumers' purchasing decision is dependent on much more complex factors than before. Before purchasing a product or service, people are inquisitive about and closely examine people's comments who have purchased this service before in an area such as a holiday with significant emotional meaning and avoiding disappointment, the comments of people who have stayed in a facility before become even more critical. As a tourism business, you can testify to the words of people you have previously satisfied to convince your potential customers.

With the development of internet technologies, sharing of experiences has become widespread. Tripadvisor reviews of people who have stayed in a hotel and dined at a restaurant in an area where experience stands out also increase in importance. Because people's experiences are a data mine waiting to be processed. By mining this mine, you can improve your business and grow your business with unique insights.



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