Why are Influenster reviews important for your brand?

May 27, 2022 - 7 min read
Why are Influenster reviews important for your brand?

Influencer marketing has been one of the fastest-growing areas in recent years. Research from all over the world revealed that consumers trust influencers' opinions. Consumers, particularly Gen Z, are increasingly turning to social media influencers and online communities to form opinions, buy from brands, and get their questions answered, according to a study of more than 2,000 U.S. adults conducted by Oracle and CRM Essentials. Also, in one of the latest published research by IZEA Insights, 36% of the consumers indicated that their purchasing decisions are affected by social media influencers' posts and reviews. 

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People trust influencers because they experience the products they're talking about and are generally knowledgeable about them. In this respect, an influencer's comment differs from customer feedback or a celebrity's involvement in an advertising campaign and gets closer to the commentary of anyone using the product. Sincere comments by someone who has experienced a product or service can save consumers from a potential mistake or speed up decision-making. Honest customer feedback seems to be much more effective in decision-making than the brands themselves.

In this article, I will mention a website that has been verified via both influencers and social media accounts, and customers who actually try and use the products share their feedback about various products. At Influenster.com, it is possible to find customer feedback from regular people and influencers for thousands of products from beauty to personal care, from electronics to toys. You can position Influenster as a platform that constantly collects customer feedback for your category, your competitors and you, so it's a gold mine for customer feedback analysis.

Here is a screenshot from the home page of Influenster:  

influensters main page

Not only experience but also a customer feedback data platform

As a brand manager, marketing specialist or market researcher, it may not always be under your initiative to have your products featured on Influenster and receive customer feedback. But it's up to you to analyze these unstructured text data and see what your customers think and how they feel about your products. (If you want to know more about text analysis, check out this blog post!) If you use it correctly, Influenster can be a feedback platform and a data centre where you can see and collect feedback about your brand. Let's take a closer look at Influenster and check what a page of a product looks like: 

influensters customer reviews

Gathering different types of customer feedback that you do not receive directly is precious. In conventional research, consumers tend to be brief and mainly positive to survey questions. Influenster is a platform that eliminates this barrier by allowing customers to leave extensive feedback without any questions. In addition, review owners seek to write their comments as detailed and sincere as possible, as their reviews will affect the purchasing decision of others.

Influenster allows people who have used products and services to share their honest sentiments with the rest of the world in as much detail and their own words as they like. Influenster provides the following information to the marketing teams, data analysts, and brand managers by gathering customer feedback on the platform:

  • Your customers' satisfaction level
  • Your customers' favourite points about your products
  • Customers' most minor favourite points about your products
  • How many people who try your product recommend it to those around them?
  • How your products are perceived and compared to their competitors
  • Recent reviews of competitor products and the current position of competitors relative to the market average

Whether using text analysis techniques such as named entity recognition, summarization, text classification with the power of machine learning or taking only a peak, it's great to have a platform to get customer feedback so quickly.

Obtaining information on your competitors, in particular, is costly and difficult using traditional means. Consumer satisfaction surveys with open-ended questions, NPS surveys and mystery shopper research are professional tools for addressing this issue. However, it usually comes at a high cost in terms of time and money. Using text analysis software, you can analyze this unstructured text data for free and take action based on them.

What are the benefits of analyzing customer feedback regularly

What your customers say about your products reveals how they feel about you. Difficulties in receiving honest feedback from customers are discussed below. 

Furthermore, consumer research frequently takes into account customer attitudes over time. The regular path of existence, however, is constantly changing. One of the most valuable aspects of routinely checking Influenster might help determine whether your customers notice changes in your products and services.

A good review is spontaneous marketing

The word web is one of the best possible choices to describe internet technology. Because this technology, which connects people around the world and enables them to communicate instantly, is actually a virtual network between us all. Using this network, consumers share millions of ideas and experiences on thousands of different topics. Here in this network, someone shares opinions about your products, while someone needs candid views about you to use your products and services. Because all of us are constantly looking for and finding something on this network, we make decisions based on what we see. Influenster is one of the most important platforms where your potential consumers will review the comments about you. With nearly 4.2 million reviews in April 2022, according to Similarweb data.

You can measure your changes by examining the customer feedback

Consumer opinions are like running water. Changes in the market, trends or changes directly related to the consumer cause consumers' opinions to change regularly. Researching, listening to the consumer, or reading reviews about your products is not a one-time action. As in that well-known sentence, you cannot manage what you do not measure. If you don't analyze the opinions of your consumers over time, you will only have information about changes in your product's lifecycle from your perspective. However, you may miss the transformation of the consumers, the mass of which you produce the product, over time. Since Influenster is a channel where consumers enter and comment spontaneously, data is collected regularly. You, too, can witness the changes live by analyzing consumer opinions monthly or quarterly.

Most asked questions

Customers don't know your market or your products as well as you do. At the same time, customers are very different from each other. While some customers have a complex decision-making process while purchasing a product, others make a brand and product preference without falling behind. For some consumers, even a shower gel is a product that can be considered in many dimensions. Consumers who are sensitive and curious about the products they use may have many questions about them. Influenster also allows customers to ask questions about products and to answer questions from others, so it's also customer support for free!

Thus, it is possible to see the most frequently asked questions about you and answer them for your potential consumers on the packaging or in the advertisements!

influensters - Q&A


Testimonial is a natural and powerful marketing tool

Time passes, technology develops and accordingly, the world is constantly changing. Of course, marketing also gets its share of this change. New possibilities create new platforms that allow consumers to meet products with their advertising mechanisms. But one marketing method has remained the same over the last hundred years: testimonials. The approach of creating an impression by a famous person with an advertisement campaign has left its place to the customers' feedback today. Moreover, these people are people like us with whom consumers, namely us, can connect better.

Analyze your customer feedback with Kimola Cognitive

Every business needs to understand what people think about their products, competitors or a common problem that consumers suffer. Although there is enough data about any topic on the internet, gathering, analyzing and classifying data is a big job.

Luckily, a no-code platform helps you gather consumer reviews and analyze and classify them automatically. You can use text analytics technology by simply dragging and dropping your data or use a pre-built machine learning model to analyze your data. 

Sign up to Kimola Cognitive, the no-code machine learning platform for marketing and research professionals.

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