Social Research: Understanding Filmmakers

May 31, 2022 - 2 min read
Social Research: Understanding Filmmakers


A filmmaker is someone who makes films for the cinema, television or digital universe.

Filmmakers have the unique ability to transform stories or ideas into a magical world that stirs emotions and captivates audiences. However, we guess that their experiences while creating this world did not last as short as the creation of the universe.

As Kimola, brought to light the challenges, concerns, and inspirations of filmmakers while making a film using our social research methodology. In this study, we followed two main steps:

1- Analysis of the Past Year in Digital Media Conversations Regarding Filmmaking

In this step, we analyzed conversations about filmmaking on digital media. We gathered Twitter and YouTube conversations with the keywords related to the filmmaking world by using our Kimola Analytics product. We reduced to 20K data at the first elimination. Afterwards the data cleaning, by taking a random sample, we processed and classified data one by one in terms of significance and consistency. In our research, which consists of 5 main categories and 19 sub-categories, we have labelled consumer opinions into 45 different classes. As a result of our study, we analyzed our data under categories such as technical issues experienced by filmmakers, their financial, social, or emotional concerns, thoughts and criticisms about film schools, free courses or masterclasses, and inspirations, and emotional challenges.

If you want to know your target audience's consumption motivations, behaviours or needs, you can reach out to Kimola team from here.

2- Lifestyle Analysis of Filmmakers

By gathering data from individuals who wrote "filmmaker" or "director" as an occupation in their bio on social media platforms, we picked one year of worth of data for the audience. We filtered the data and created a target audience composed of 1500 individuals. For this research, we conducted a profile analysis from the last months into the audience's behaviour.

If you'd like to get more information about Kimola's lifestyle analysis, click here.



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