Removing Language Barriers to Simplify Analysis! 🚀🌍

Dec 28, 2023 - 2 min read
Removing Language Barriers to Simplify Analysis! 🚀🌍

We are thrilled to share an exciting development with you! With our latest update, we have further strengthened the Kimola Cognitive platform to make it even more powerful and user-friendly. Now, you can analyze your data in multiple languages in a single sweep.

New Language Filtering Feature

Analyze All Languages in One Go!

Designed with global businesses in mind, this update eliminates the hassle of separately analyzing data in different languages. Now, you can evaluate your multilingual data in one analysis process without the need to segregate the data you've collected on our platform.

Sample Scenario 

Great Solution for Global Restaurants

Imagine you have a globally popular restaurant chain. Your customers leave reviews in different languages from various countries. With Kimola Cognitive's new language filtering feature, you can manage this diversity in a single window.

Kimola Cognitive Backgrounds (1000 × 1000 piksel)

A customer visits your restaurant and leaves a review in English, another in French, and someone else in Spanish. Now you can analyze these reviews collectively, allowing you to evaluate the overall customer experience. Thanks to Kimola Cognitive's flexible and user-friendly interface, overcoming language barriers is now much easier!

Conduct Profitable Analyses with Kimola Cognitive

✨ Analyze data in multiple languages in one go.
🌐 Easily evaluate global customer reviews.
🔄 Filter results in your preferred language post-analysis for quick insights.

With this update, Kimola Cognitive takes a step further in leading the way in multilingual data analysis. Explore these exciting features by visiting our platform now!

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