Kimola Newsletter | Analytics: Gen Z: Podcasts on repeat, wisdom complete!

Jul 14, 2023 - 3 min read
Kimola Newsletter | Analytics: Gen Z: Podcasts on repeat, wisdom complete!

Dear research and insight enthusiasts, in this week's newsletter, we are here with many insights ranging from consumer expectations in brand communication to Gen Z's interest in podcasts.

Analyze fitness center reviews!

Market research can be challenging, but it is important to have information about customers when starting or managing a business. A customer review site like Trustpilot allows you to conduct this research, including customer reviews about fitness centers. When you click on any gym on Trustpilot, you can use filtering options for the reviews. While Trustpilot provides these options, it does not offer a general summary of customer reviews. You need to read and analyze the reviews yourself. Fortunately, Kimola's free research tool provides the best, most effective and most convenient solution. 😎

You can check out the Anytime Gym report and the research guide for fitness centers here.

The generation growing up with podcasts.

The data provided by SXM Media and Edison Research shows a 57% increase compared to the past 5 years, indicating that 47% of Gen Z has listened to podcasts in the last month. Among podcast categories, comedy is the most popular genre, followed by entertainment, celebrity-related topics, and true crime stories, which are other popular categories of interest.

Consumer demand Video content

Idomoo's "State of Video Technology" report reveals that consumers are demanding more video content from brands, and this demand is largely unmet. Particularly, young and high-income consumers indicate a higher interest in personalized and interactive video content. However, it appears that brands are still missing out on a significant opportunity to meet this demand.

Return policies boost loyalty

The research conducted by Loop in the United States and the United Kingdom reveals that consumers are no longer just seeking free returns. It shows that what they want is a quality experience that demonstrates brands care about them. In this context, consumers particularly look for easy, hassle-free returns, personalized experiences, and product quality guarantees.

Consumers shop for school terms in-store

According to a study conducted by Sensormatic Solutions in the United States, 79% of consumers plan to do their back-to-school shopping in stores this year. Particularly standalone locations and strip malls are popular choices. Outdoor centers (20%), enclosed malls (19%), and outlets (13%) are less preferred. Price remains the most important factor for consumers, while product availability and safety/convenience are also considered.

There is intense interest in Threads.

According to the research conducted by Ipsos in the United States, it is observed that the new social media platform Threads has sparked interest among people. Particularly among social media users, the number of those who have tried or are willing to try Threads is quite high (58%).


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