We’re Announcing Free Research Tools for Everyone!

Author: Mustafa Savaş - CEO, Kimola
Mustafa Savaş CEO, Kimola
Jul 04, 2023 - 2 min read
We’re Announcing Free Research Tools for Everyone!

At Kimola, we're driven by a passion for research and a mission to make it accessible to everyone. For nearly a decade, we've been providing SaaS solutions like Kimola Cognitive and Kimola Analytics to marketing and research professionals, enabling them to gain valuable insights into their customers. Just last month, we announced our latest integration with GPT, which allows our users from 50+ countries to transform customer reviews into powerful marketing materials.

But our commitment to research for everyone doesn't stop there. We recognize that the need to understand your customers is universal, regardless of your industry or business size. That's why we're proud to introduce our new suite of free research tools, designed to help small & medium business owners analyze customer feedback in various spaces.

Free Research Tools for Every Business

Amazon sellers, affiliate marketers, publishers and many incredible businesses on Amazon can use our Amazon Review Analyzer to understand consumer needs and motivations. Countless small businesses, from hair salons to fitness centres, furniture stores to fashion studios, can use our Trustpilot Review Analyzer to stay ahead of the competition. Businesses in the service and hospitality industry, like coffee shops, hotels, and restaurants, can use our Tripadvisor Review Analyzer to maximize customer experience by genuinely understanding customer expectations. And finally, for now, gaming industry members, from individual game developers to game studios, can use our App Store and Google Play Review Analyzer to identify trends and determine areas for improvement.

Free Research Tools - Kimola

Solving Customer Research Challenges

While building our free research tools, we wanted to solve three main issues in the customer research process:

  • Research tools rely on a monthly/annual subscription model, which fits enterprises but is not an option for small & mid-size businesses.
  • To gather and analyze data, users need different tools for each step which is not very time and cost-effective.
  • Users must sign up, fill out long membership forms and give personal and credit card information, sometimes set an online meeting to use a tool's demo.

Today, we're here to change this by;

  • Offering cost-effective, single reports rather than subscriptions after the free analysis 
  • Changing scrape and analyze experience to "one-click action"
  • Suggesting a solution that bypasses the sign-up process

5 Free Research Tools for Different Channels

Our Amazon Review Analyzer, Trustpilot Review Analyzer, Tripadvisor Review Analyzer, Google Playstore Review Analyzer and Apple App Store User Review Analyzer empower anyone to gain insights into customer sentiment and identify areas for improvement. With these tools, you can uncover patterns in customer feedback, gain a deeper understanding of your target audience, and make data-driven decisions to improve your business without signing up, becoming a member of any tool. Starting today, you will be able to analyze an Amazon product, a business in Trustpilot, a place on Tripadvisor or an app at Google Playstore with only pasting a link. See how easy it is:

At Kimola, we believe that research should be a tool for everyone, not just enterprise companies or a privileged few. We're excited to continue developing innovative solutions that make research more accessible, intuitive, and impactful than ever before.

Let's enable research for everyone!

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