Definition of Audience in Consumer Research

Apr 24, 2019 - 3 min read
Definition of Audience in Consumer Research
Audience /ˈɔːdɪəns/

People giving attention to something.

Welcome to Kimola’s Guide for The Social Research Platform.

The first rule of Kimola is: Please talk about Kimola. The second rule of Kimola is: Please do talk about Kimola. The third rule of Kimola: If you’re a marketer who cannot reach enough audience insights, your search is over.

Introduction to Target Audience

Every brand has a couple of target audiences. At Kimola, we build the social research process around a brand’s target audience. We believe picking the right people for consumer research makes it eligible.

How To Create a Custom Audience 

Our AI creates audiences in 3 different ways. Let’s take a look at them!

People who engage with an account on social media

Example: “I love my shoes, thank you @Nike”
If you are an active brand on social media, you might leave the work to our AI. It will choose 5000-10.000 people, who mentioned, followed, favorited, or retweeted your brand’s post.

While picking people to create your audience, our algorithm will check every profile and will understand if it is a real person or not. If it’s a fake profile, it will not include that profile into the audience. Kimola’s AI analyses demographics with our Face Recognition technology. So, you will be able to filter the data by genders and age groups. Also, our AI will choose people who create unique content and active on Social Media to bring you real-time insights.

People who used a keyword on social media

Example: “I love my shoes, thank you Nike.”
Maybe your brand is not that active on social media. It's fine. If you know the topic they talk about or the keywords they mention, you can create an audience by just typing those keywords on our dashboard and your audience will be created with those people who talked about that keyword.

People who showed a specific interest via their behaviors on social media

Example: Football Lovers, Rap Music Listeners, Gamers
Kimola’s AI understands the interests of people by analyzing their behaviors on social media. Our algorithm profiles and categorizes thousands of people every single day. If you choose an interest which was defined by our system, our AI will choose 10.000 real people for your research.

Frequently Asked Questions about Audiences

- Why do you recommend to profile 5000-10.000 people for every consumer research?

Conventional Research is made with a maximum of 2000-3000 people. In the digital world, we gather 10.000 people for every audience to get maximum insights. Consumer behaviors are changing so fast and people are interacting too much these days. That is why it’s important to get enough data. At Kimola, we have created thousands of audiences in 4 years and we have seen the audiences who have 5.000-10.000 people give the best insights.

- Can I profile 20.000 people for one audience?

Yes, you can. But we don’t recommend it in every case. Reaching 20.000 people of the audience doesn’t give the small but important insights but sure it would give you the idea of the general profile. We must warn you; creating audiences with more reach than 10.000 familiarizes to the general population of that country.

- Are you able to create audiences for every country?

We hope one day we’ll be there ☺ Now, you can create audiences and get insights for the US, UK, Canada, and Turkey.

- Will I be able to change my audience?

If you’re a monthly subscriber, yes! You’re able to change your audience every month.

- How can I make consumer research at Kimola?

Let’s make a call! You can always reach us via Contact Sales Page or you can book a call via Calendly.

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