Complete Market Research Guide for Photo & Video Apps

May 31, 2023 - 2 min read
Complete Market Research Guide for Photo & Video Apps

Today, many people use photo and video applications that allow them to take, edit, develop and share photos and videos. With these applications, users can create professional-looking images and videos using features such as filters, editing tools, collages or montages to enhance and personalize visual content. When users have problems with this application, they share their experiences and thoughts about the application on the App Stores. This feedback provided by users is analyzed by app developers, product managers, marketing teams, competitors, investors and stakeholders to conduct market research.

Conducting market research enables you to identify and evaluate market opportunities, differentiate from competitors, validate application concepts and stay on top of trends in the industry. Determining users' needs and learning about their experiences and preferences is essential for market research. By understanding the interests, skill levels, and specific needs of users regarding photo and video editing, it is possible to develop an application that fully meets their needs.

Market research takes a lot of work. First of all, you should make sure that user feedback is collected with the right tools. The best way to get user feedback for such apps is through the App Store platform from which the app was downloaded. People give more honest feedback on these platforms than on surveys and face-to-face interviews. Therefore, a more accurate result can be obtained for the best market research.

There are many tools to scrape and analyze comments from these platforms. The easiest and fastest of these is Kimola's free research tool. Moreover, you do not need any registration to use this tool. 

Analyze Play Store Reviews

Scraping & Analyzing Photo & Video App Reviews

User Reviews Analysis

This report provides you valuable insights for your market research. You can see what those insights are in the report and use it to improve your application.

Collage Maker App Report

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