Complete Market Research Guide for Travel Agencies

Jun 01, 2023 - 2 min read
Complete Market Research Guide for Travel Agencies

Travelling and exploring new places has a special place in everyone's life. However, making reservations and choosing the right routes while planning these trips is difficult. In such cases, some platforms help customers facilitate their travel. Tripadvisor is one of the world's leading travel platforms that makes this process easy. With this platform, customers can share their travel experiences and get information about the places they travel.

Travel agencies also have an important place on Tripadvisor. Helping to organize travel plans according to the criteria requested by the customers, these agencies guide travellers to reach the best travel plan. Agencies also offer various services such as holiday packages, hotel reservations, tours, car rentals and flight tickets. There are many travel agencies. In this case, customers need to choose the right and reliable travel agency.

When it comes to travel agencies, there are elements that customers pay attention to. These are listed as the agency's professionalism, providing personalized service in line with the budget and interests, ease of organization and customer-oriented service. Considering these factors, travel agency owners need to know their customers to stand out in the market and provide the best service. This is achieved through analysis of customer feedback. If you want to do market research on the subject, learn about your competitors' success and target audience, you can analyze customer feedback. There are multiple tools with which you can do this. But I will talk about the easiest and free one for you.

Kimola is a tool that helps you review any travel agency review on Tripadvisor. You can easily and with one click perform customer insight analysis of any agency you want without the need for an extra business process. This way, you can get to know your customers well and stand out in the market. Let's see together how you can use this tool.

Analyze Tripadvisor Reviews Free

How To Scrape and Analyze Trustpilot Reviews?

Customer Review Report

Lily's Travel Agency Report

After the analysis, you will be greeted with a report that provides a comprehensive overview, as in the image above. This report gives you valuable insights into customer experiences.

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