Announcing Our No-Code Machine Learning Platform Kimola Cognitive, Globally

Author: Mustafa Savaş - CEO, Kimola
Mustafa Savaş CEO, Kimola
Jul 18, 2022 - 3 min read
Announcing Our No-Code Machine Learning Platform Kimola Cognitive, Globally

Today is an exciting day for me -honestly, the most exciting day since I founded Kimola- because we're launching Kimola Cognitive globally. It is a no-code machine learning platform for marketing and research professionals, which was only available for our existing clients until today.

Kimola was only the name of my search algorithm till I applied to Microsoft Innovation Center and pitched Kimola to Dan’l Lewin, whom I was a fan of when he started NeXT with Steve Jobs. He and his team chose Kimola as one of the five startups to support in my hometown in 2014. Since then, Kimola turned into a data analytics company in ResTech, that enables research for everyone and makes communities' voices heard by organizations, corporations and other people by tracking and analyzing their opinions using ML and AI techniques.

Currently, many enterprise companies use Kimola's existing products & services in 10 countries, such as Pfizer, UNHCR and Royal Canin, to make "consumer opinions" worthwhile.

About Kimola Cognitive

Kimola Cognitive is a beautifully designed, no-code machine learning platform to analyze and classify customer feedback, reviews automatically, and comments on any topic -or any kind of text data- to extract valuable insights.

It's the work of a brilliant team of social scientists and software developers; we thought only an interdisciplinary team could understand the need for marketing pros, research geeks and dataholics.

What is great about it?

There are so many features that I'd like to talk about but let me summarize my favourite five things about Kimola Cognitive.

🎗A browser extension to turn websites into a data source

Kimola Cognitive's browser extension extracts reviews on supported mediums such as Youtube, Instagram, Appsumo etc.

Kimola Cognitive offers a gallery of ready-to-use Machine Learning models for the most common use cases like sentiment and hate speech analysis, along with classifiers for SaaS products, mobile apps, games and more.

🎗Creating Custom Machine Learning Models in 3 Minutes by Dragging & Dropping

Users can also train our AI by uploading their training sets for their very own business scenarios.

🎗NLP & Text Analysis with Simple Drag & Drop

Users can upload or drag & drop their text data to extract terms such as locations, organizations, people, interests that are mentioned in the texts.

🎗Datasets, Training Sets, API Integration and a super clean documentation

A wide range of useful sources for users to get started quickly.
Datasets and Training sets in 6 languages:
API documentation:

About Our Appsumo Campaign

As Kimola, we have been in the business since 2014 and we work with many enterprise clients. For the first time in Kimola's history, we wanted to reach out to individual professionals to also understand their needs. Kimola Cognitive is built for marketing pros and research professionals, but it's also built for any dataholic that wants to analyze any text data with a simple drag & drop. 

That is why, we wanted to launch Kimola Cognitive first on Appsumo and we loved the environment so far! Appsumo Team has been great to us while creating the campaign and now we are offering a lifetime deal for a limited time as a "Selected" deal. 

Final Words

We are working hard to make Kimola Cognitive one of the leading no-code machine learning platforms. It's undoubtedly a long way to go, and we hope you enjoy the ride with us. 

You can visit our deal page here and help our team to build a better tool with your feedback. 

Let's enable research for everyone!

Mustafa Savas, Founder

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