Makeup and Beauty Trends 2019

Sep 02, 2019 - 4 min read
Makeup and Beauty Trends 2019
Beauty /ˈbjuːti/

A combination of qualities, such as shape, color, or form, that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight.

The prettiest makeup a woman can wear is her passion. Yet, cosmetics are cheaper and can be bought. – Yves Saint-Laurent 


The beauty industry is one of the fields where the trends change pretty fast. Every year, even every season, has its own trends. Although it's not very easy to keep up with them, thanks to Kimola's AI-empowered technology, we can understand what's going on in the makeup and beauty world.

makeup trends

One of the most popular trends in the makeup world is to wear very colorful liquid eyeliner. Women have encouraged each other to leave classic black eyeliners to go for colorful ones that go perfectly with the colors of their eye and dress. No matters it’s worn as an eyeshadow, underlined, or winged, it's astonishing that such a small detail can make such a big glam statement. No wonder why some people see it as a form of art! 

Glowing skins

glowing skins

The winner of the matte/glowing competition seems to be glowing skin nowadays. The latest trend favors skins shining naturally. Cheekbones and foreheads are highlighted softly, but without powder highlighters. Liquid or cream luminizers are chosen to create a natural glow. When done correctly, the skins look like as if they are shining from inside. The glow gets more pronounced if the lips are brighter. 

Statement lips: Bold and bright lips

bold and bright lips

Make no mistake; the lips are often brighter. Glossy lips are trending again. Especially in a naturally nude shade. Often paired with glowing skins, glossy nude lips remind us of the '90s. Aside from the usual suspect, red, the most trending lipstick color is pink and even purple! Even though this is the new trend, matte red lipsticks have not been abandoned altogether.

An ethically better understanding of beauty and esthetics

beauty and esthetics

More and more brands started to listen to the critics about how they depict women and even men in their advertisements and PR campaigns. Lately, brands like ColourPop Cosmetics and Sol Body Cosmetics had more size and gender-inclusive ad campaigns that feature a range of skin tones, and bodies that have scars. This more “honest” attitude has been heard and trending amongst people on social media.

Gel manicures

gel manicures

Gel nails are getting more and more popular. They are easy and quick to apply, but also durable. They can last up to two weeks. They also feel stronger. A lot of women who find acrylics manicures a little bit too extreme have switched to gel manicures. The only tricky part of gel manicures is the removal process. When rushed, the process may weaken the nails. As a result of this, the videos and articles about the removal process are trending too.

Monochromatic makeup

monochromatic makeup

Another trend in the beauty world is monochromatic makeup. It’s based on using the same shades you wear on your eyes and lips, and even the same color blush. A lot of women started to get interested in monochromatic makeup after Rihanna posted a video about it last autumn. Since then it’s become a makeup trend. It doesn't only look good, but it's also effortless and quick to apply, which is another reason that more and more women started to do it in today’s busy daily life.

Well-groomed and brushed eyebrows

well-groomed and brushed eyebrows

When it comes to eyebrows, trimming has lost its place to grooming and brushing. Well-groomed eyebrows have become the latest trend in the beauty world. They are brushed upwards while grooming, which gives a more natural look. With the help of eyebrow powder and even a small dose of mascara, thick eyebrows the way to go!

You can bet on this list to change pretty fast. If you'd like to keep up with the newest makeup and beauty trends, the “Trends” feature of Kimola’s AI-empowered Social Research Platform can help you. It allows you to see what is trending for your target audience in real-time. 

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