How to Use Customer Insights in PR

Jul 23, 2019 - 5 min read
How to Use Customer Insights in PR
Insight /ˈɪnsʌɪt/

The capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone or something.

Every day we’re saying, ‘How can we keep this customer happy?’ How can we get ahead in innovation by doing this because if we don’t, somebody else will.  – Bill Gates


One of the most important social skills is the ability to understand people. Whether it is between two humans or between a company and their target audience, every healthy relationship requires a certain level of understanding. It’s not so easy, though. We’re very complex beings, after all. We don’t always say what we really think. So how do you do it? How can you really understand a person and gather customer insights healthy enough to conduct successful PR and marketing campaigns?

The answer is not simple. There is no secret formula to it. However, we do know the must-have ingredients: Ask the right question, to begin with, gather the correct data, know what to make of this data, and take action.

Customer Insights

1. Ask the Right Question

The best answer to the wrong question is still useless. Maybe you believe you have the right product and you already know your target market, but not sure which digital marketing channels you should use? Perhaps you had some complaints about your customer service, and you’re looking for the most efficient way to improve it? Maybe you want to increase sales but can’t decide whether you should target a broader age group or just invest more in social media ads? You should ask the right question so you can gather the correct data based on which you will take action.

2. Gather the Right Data

There are many sources to gather data from such as social media, web cookies, Google Analytics, focus groups, display advertising, sales data, customer demographics, and so on. However, an accurate customer insight requires a particular volume of data which cannot be easily gathered manually. Moreover, not all data is equally useful when it comes to answering the right question you asked in the beginning. Therefore, relying on a professional product when it comes to data-gathering can be crucial. We, as Kimola, can help you with this by profiling thousands of people anonymously in real-time through their social media activity, and analyzing it.

3. Know What to Make of This Data

Having the data is one thing; knowing what to make of it is another. For example, one of the most significant clues we get from collecting data is about customer behavior. By learning about the interests of people, you can have better customer insights. Kimola, once again, can help you understand this data with the support of our AI. Thanks to our data team’s collaboration with sociologists to understand the interests of consumers, we formulated the behaviors of consumers in 33 main interests. This way, we keep marketers and researchers up-to-date with new consumer trends so they can understand their customers.

4. Take Action

By asking the right question, gathering the optimum amount of data possible, and making the best of it, you are now at a point where you know what your customers want. Now it’s time to take action based on this data-driven customer insight. This action might be just a small perception shift in your blog posts or tweets or maybe a whole new social responsibility campaign you start based on your customer insights. By knowing which subjects your customers and potential customers are interested in, you can easily choose the area for your campaign. For example, if the priority of your customers is the environment issues rather than education, it’s wiser to select the first one. Just like your campaigns, customer insights would also help you when signing sponsorship deals. For example, if most of your customers are vegetarians or vegans, it wouldn’t be a smart move to accept a sponsorship request coming from a hamburger chain.

How Customer Insights Will Help Public Relations?

PR is all about increasing the conversation and creating a buzz. By monitoring and analyzing your customers regularly, you always know what they are interested in at that moment in time. This allows you to post content relevant to their interests. And of course, this will increase their engagement with your brand. In other words, customer insights will help you decide the types of content you need to use in your PR to achieve maximum impact and engagement on media.

Today’s PR professionals have already become brand ambassadors, social media experts, content marketers, and trend spotters. We’ll definitely need much more data-driven insights for PR in the future.

Start Knowing Your Customers Better Now!

You can find out what they really value for your product or service by talking to the right customers, looking at the correct information, 'listening' to the online conversation around your brand, analyzing analytics, and researching your findings correctly.

Relying on accurate consumer opinions is what will create a unique vision for any PR campaign. If advertising is based on the consumer's wishes and the core values of the company, you will inevitably get what you want.

We can help you to have the most accurate customer insight possible so you can form the right message to the right customer, and improve your product and/or service. Let’s start with a call! You can always reach us via Contact Sales Page, or you can book a call via Calendly.

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