Complete Market Research Guide for Digital Health Apps

May 31, 2023 - 3 min read
Complete Market Research Guide for Digital Health Apps

Health has become an issue that we care about, especially with the emergence of the pandemic. People tried to cope with their health issues and psychological problems caused by staying home. In this process, many changes took place worldwide, the scope of health-related applications expanded, and many new applications emerged. I recently heard of an app called Companions. This health app offers an app that aims to find companions for the elderly or people with health problems, emphasizing the vital importance of solitude because we know that being together has a more healing effect than being alone.

There are two important platforms such as Google Play Store and App Store, as application platforms. These platforms provide access to thousands of applications. People are constantly discovering new apps and sharing them. They also frequently comment on the apps they like. These comments are important because the application industry continually evolves and has a competitive environment. Application developers and owners can improve and renew their applications and stand out in the competitive world by analyzing the comments received on their applications. App owners who want to stand out in the industry should analyze customer reviews.

For example, the popular app TikTok has around 57 million reviews on the Google Play Store. Even if you don't have such a popular app, analyzing these reviews manually can be difficult. Therefore, there is a need for a tool that automatically analyzes comments. In this article, I show you how to analyze comments from digital health applications quickly. A free tool with no credit card or payment expectations, Kimola analyzes the reviews for you and presents you with its report. You need the link of the app you want to analyze. Kimola's free research tool lets you analyze app reviews, identify improvement points and get to know your customers better.

Analyze Play Store Reviews

Scraping & Analyzing Health Apps Reviews

Health Application Sample Report with Kimola's Tool

Looking at the content of the report, there is an executive summary thanks to Kimola's GPT integration. By sentiment analysis, comments are grouped as positive, negative or neutral. Content analysis of comments categorizes the patterns. Promoter Score (NPS), which is an effective metric for predicting customer loyalty and business growth. Finally, examples of classified content are presented, covering topics such as features and quality, pricing, ordering and delivery, ads and promotions, and customer service.

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