We’re Proudly Announcing Cassandrows!

Nov 02, 2018 - 2 min read
We’re Proudly Announcing Cassandrows!

From the day Kimola was founded in 2014, Kimola’s developer team has used Apache Cassandra to develop a rock-solid data architecture.

Since our development platform is Windows, we leveraged Datastax Community Edition of Apache Cassandra just like many other R&D teams for development proposes. On late February 2017, Datastax has announced that they won’t be providing the free Datastax Community Edition anymore. After the announcement, we decided to return the favor to Datastax and announced A Free Cassandra Distribution for Windows Community, Cassandrows.

Cassandrows 101

Cassandrows is one of the outputs of our hard-working hours while we are building a rock-solid data architecture for Kimola. It is a package that installs and configures Apache Cassandra on Windows to run as a service.

Since we spend a considerable amount of time for setting up Apache Cassandra for both development and production environments, we decided to create a package and share with the Windows developer community. While users follow the step-by-step installation wizard, all the changes affect cassandra.yaml file located in the installation folder.

Keep in mind that we love to hear from developers! Feel free to share your comments and ideas, it means a lot to us. And let us know if you build software by using Cassandrows.

A Thank You Note to Datastax

Dear DataStax,

We have used your free services at our development phases. Now, it’s our mission to give it back to the community.

Thank you for supporting the Apache Cassandra and Windows communities for years.

Your Dataholic friends at Kimola.

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