Product Update #6: Sweet Filter O'mine

May 07, 2021 - 1 min read
Product Update #6: Sweet Filter O'mine


We hope you had a great week. This week, we learned different languages! Our product and development team developed a new feature about different languages. Let's check what they did! 


A New Language Means A New Data


Create a Conversations Audience

5 more languages are added to our social & web listening feature!
Now you can track conversations on digital platforms in French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian too!


Real People Come With Real Data


read consumer opinions quickly

A unique filter for marketing professionals who wants to read consumer opinions quickly!
While you are tracking conversations on digital platforms, you have every right to reach to real consumer conversations quickly. We have developed a filter to help you seperate conversations of real people than corporate accounts, news sites and fake accounts on social media!

Filter to "Human" to display qualified consumer conversations and repeat: Long Live Kimola!


Have a great week product lovers!

Team Kimola

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