Kimola Newsletter | Cognitive 12#: Ai the defender.

Jan 13, 2023 - 3 min read
Kimola Newsletter | Cognitive 12#: Ai the defender.

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Here is the brand-new trend graph!

Cognitive trend graph


Our development team continues to work on our machine learning platform Cognitive without slowing down. Now we've updated the trend graph in the Cognitive reports to provide a good customer experience, and it's possible to see the sentiment of consumer conversations on a daily! ðŸ¥³

You already know how to add trend charts to your reports. 😎 Let's summarize briefly:

⚡️ You must add a "date" column to the dataset you want to analyze.
⚡️You can upload your data to Kimola Cognitive's home page simply by drag-and-drop, but you must select the date column in addition to the text column.

Upload your dataset!

Now just click here to generate a report in Kimola Cognitive.😉


This Week in Kimola Newsletter

Can artificial intelligence become a lawyer?

DoNotPay is the first AI service to offer legal support. It was first used to challenge unfair traffic fines in the US in 2016 and provided users with a large amount of refunds. And now in February, the app will provide live support for the defendant's testimony at a US traffic fine court hearing. This will be the first case in history to be defended by artificial intelligence. The artificial intelligence will run on a smartphone and listen to all conversations in the courtroom before instructing the accused what to say through a headset.


Nvidia adds realism to virtual communication.

Maxine, the artificial intelligence-supported product developed by Nvidia, paves the way for real-time voice and video communication. Maxine is a complete GPU-accelerated SDK package that enhances AI and audio and video communication. This adds enhanced capabilities to standard microphones and cameras. Thus, for video conferencing, customer service calls or live broadcasting, Maxine provides effective communication to enhance virtual interactions. Maxine also enables companies to eliminate background noise in communications. One of the more interesting features is that it has the ability to regenerate the screen to make it look like people are looking at the other person even if the eyes are not directly on the camera. So even though you are no longer looking at the camera, your image will be looking at the camera.


AI's Role in Beauty Industry

Artificial intelligence has started to appear in almost every aspect of our lives. From writing texts to composing music, from personal assistants to facilitate the way we do business, artificial intelligence is also at work in makeup and beauty, supporting people. In this context, L'Oréal works in various fields using new technologies. For example, the company uses virtual reality technology on some e-commerce platforms, allowing users to preview how products will look. L'Oréal has now introduced two new products developed using technology, Brow Magic and HAPTA, at CES 2023. Artificial intelligence-powered Brow Magic handheld, lightweight, electronic eyebrow makeup applicator; HAPTA will be used as a smart lipstick applicator for users with limited hand and arm mobility.

Apple Introduces AI Voice Narration

Artificial intelligence, one of the most popular topics of the last period, is now starting to appear in audiobooks. The audiobook market has reached an annual size of 1.5 billion dollars. One of the important developments in this field comes from Apple, which has an important role in the e-book sector. Apple will be able to automatically voice the books published on Apple Books (with the approval of the authors and publishers) with the support of artificial intelligence. The company states that this feature will help independent authors who may not be able to convert their books into audiobooks due to the cost and complexity of production.

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