Kimola Newsletter 7#: Happy TikTok to you! 🎂

Dec 10, 2022 - 4 min read
Kimola Newsletter 7#: Happy TikTok to you! 🎂

Here are the recent consumer research reports that are curated by Kimola, prepared for communication and research professionals.



The Most Shared Content on TikTok and Instagram

Social media is a place people use to inform those around them and share important life events and updates. But what life activities are people most likely to share in each app? The team answers this question by analyzing the most popular life event posts on Instagram and TikTok. According to data gathered from Instagram posts, marriage tops the list with the hashtag "wedding" shared more than 200 million times. This is followed by the "birthday" hashtag, with over 100 million photos and videos. The hashtag Baby Shower has over 36 million posts in third place. On TikTok, birthdays are the most famous event on its platform, with over 44 billion views. In second place, pregnancy shares with over 38 billion views, followed by breakup posts with 22 billion views.


Special Day or Commercialized?

YouGov's research of more than 13,000 people from 12 countries focuses on whether Christmas is celebrated because it's a really special day or because of pressure from business organizations. According to the striking data of the survey, 83% of Danes tend to say that especially Christmas is celebrated nationally according to their own rules. Only 9% find Christmas celebrations too commercial. Poles similarly see Christmas as an occasion to be celebrated with enthusiasm rather than commercial pressure (83%). Like-minded Swedes (80%) and British (73%) rank third and fourth. In nine of the twelve countries surveyed, around one in four (22-29%) think Christmas is celebrated mostly because of business pressure, and Italians are most likely to feel that way.


7 Out of 10 Online Followers Come from Google

Most websites have online audiences, as this potentially allows them to track your online activities and target you with ads based on these findings. That's why Lokker analyzed over 170,000 websites to understand where these viewers were coming from, and it turned out that the vast majority (93.7%) of these online viewers came from just 3 companies. It is not surprising that these three companies are Google, Meta and Microsoft. On the other hand, the other two major sources of viewing are YouTube with 13.8% and DoubleClick with 8.3%. Since both of these companies are owned by Google, it would be fair to say that 72% of all online audiences actually come from Google.


Drivers View Vehicles as Third Space

Research conducted by Big Village with 844 US adults who currently own or lease a vehicle addresses the growing importance of vehicles as a third area, while also revealing drivers' preferred in-cab features and functionality. Highlights of the study show that 75% of Gen Z drivers and 49% of drivers overall are more likely to see their vehicle as a third place of life. In addition, the most important reason for drivers to say that their personal vehicles are more important today is using their vehicles as a third place (52%), followed by feeling uncomfortable with public transportation or car sharing (48%) and using the vehicle as a shelter (41%). On the other hand, 69% of drivers say advanced personalization is important in improving their third space experience. For example, 67% of respondents want vehicle sensors that can assess health and illness, from heart rate to respiratory rate to facial changes.


1 in 3 Fear Strange Holiday Conversations with Family

Research conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Samsung KX with the participation of 2,000 people in the UK reveals that one in three adults is afraid of awkward conversations that inevitably start during family gatherings. According to the study's data, a quarter of the respondents generally dislike small talk, and 41% feel "strange" and "embarrassed" when their relatives ask about their love life. Four out of 10 people say the conversation topics they most want to avoid during the holidays are love life (31%), politics (29%) and money (28%). 15% do not want to discuss their careers with their family and friends. Other awkward moments, especially during Christmas parties, include pretending to have received a bad Christmas present (28%), watching a family argument (18%), and telling someone a terrible joke (16%). But despite all those embarrassing moments so many people experience every holiday season, 48% of adults say they're looking forward to the holidays this year.

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