Intern Insights: Navigating Kimola's World

May 24, 2024 - 3 min read
Intern Insights: Navigating Kimola's World

Greetings! If you plan to intern at Kimola, this article might give you some insights. Let me tell you about my own internship experience from February until today!

I'm Deniz, a fourth-year student in the Department of Information and Records Management at Hacettepe University. Today marks the last day of my internship journey, which started in February, and I'm writing this article from Kimola on my final day. My acquaintance with Kimola began when my professor mentioned it in class during my second year. I was immediately intrigued when they explained what the company does and its field of work. Back then, I couldn't even imagine interning here, but as they say, the power of manifestation!

Application Process

I want to start with the internship application period. I was shocked when I saw the form they sent me and asked me to complete it. Because instead of boring information, they were curious about me and my hobbies, and there were more fun questions. I had an interview in a friendly and conversational atmosphere rather than a formal and tense environment. After the interviews, I was accepted to Kimola, and my internship process began. In short, anyone open to learning and discovering their talents can apply to Kimola with peace of mind.

Kimola - Application

My Internship Experience

At Kimola, you're given daily tasks, and you start working with your coffee in hand. You don't wait for anyone to tell you what to do and when to do it because every second is valuable. Once you receive a task, you're expected to start working on it immediately. However, no one expects you to work non-stop. You can create comfortable spaces for yourself by taking breaks whenever you want. The goal is not to be perfect but to take responsibility and complete the work by researching independently. This way, you can see your mistakes and shortcomings and take responsibility for the work. There are no fears like "the intern makes mistakes, etc." They see you as one of their employees and entrust the work to you with peace of mind.

As for the work environment, since it's an open office setup, everyone is close, which is an advantage for bonding and solving office communication. Everyone in the office is warm and friendly.


During the internship, I had consumer research, content creation, and blog writing tasks. Of course, these could vary. My tasks changed every week in my internship program, which I attended three days a week. The best thing that Kimola has given me is the ability to complete the tasks, even if I haven't worked on them before. They are very supportive in this regard. Seeing the work jargon and office environment has given me a good start for my future career. They don't expect you to know everything. They need people with an open mind, a willingness to learn, and a curious and research-oriented spirit.

In short, if you can intern at Kimola, you will learn and experience a lot!

Thank you, Kimola. Nice to meet you!

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