Intern Insights: A New Perspective

May 24, 2024 - 2 min read
Intern Insights: A New Perspective

Hello! I'm Berfin. As a senior student majoring in Information Management at Hacettepe University, my journey with Kimola began with a simple introduction by my professors during my freshman year. Little did I know that this encounter would eventually lead me to embark on a transformative internship experience.

Transitioning into my final year, I took the pivotal step of applying for an internship at Kimola, opening the door to a unique interview process. Unlike conventional interviews, the questions delved into my personal interests, music preferences, movie choices, and daily routines. While my expertise in artificial intelligence and marketing was queried, the overarching theme of the interview was clear—a tailored approach to assessing compatibility and fit.

Immersive Internship Experience

With excitement and anticipation, I commenced my 14-week internship journey at Kimola, embracing every opportunity for growth and learning. From diligently starting my day at 10:00 AM to wrapping up tasks by 6:00 PM, the office became my haven for exploration and development. The Kimola team’s emphasis on constant communication and tailored guidance was instrumental in navigating the diverse array of tasks assigned.

Key Learnings and Achievements

Reflecting on my time at Kimola, I am humbled by the wealth of knowledge and experiences gained. From scraping text data containing consumer opinions to analyzing sentiment models and conducting social research projects, each task pushed the boundaries of my skill set. Furthermore, the exposure to different sectors and the multifaceted nature of the assignments shattered preconceived notions of internships, fostering an environment conducive to holistic growth.

Why Kimola Matters

Kimola transcended the traditional notion of an internship, emerging as a beacon of professional development and mentorship. Beyond delivering tasks, the team’s unwavering support and constructive feedback sculpted not only my professional acumen but also my personal aspirations. As I bid farewell to my internship at Kimola, I am confident that the lessons learned and connections forged will serve as the cornerstone of my future endeavors.

My internship journey at Kimola has been nothing short of transformative, paving the way for a future filled with promise and opportunity. Armed with newfound skills and insights, I eagerly anticipate the next chapter of my career, fueled by the invaluable experiences garnered at Kimola.

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