Ceramic Hand Grinder for Coffee and More
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Ceramic Hand Grinder for Coffee and More

The ceramic hand grinder is a good purchase for the price, with a sturdy mechanism and impressive grind adjustment. It comes with extra storage jars and is perfect for camping or power outages. However, some reviewers experienced issues with the durability of the grinder and found it difficult to achieve consistent grind size. Despite these drawbacks, the grinder is praised for its ease of use, easy cleaning, and ability to grind coffee beans, spices, and even chicken egg shells.

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Custom Date - Apr 20, 2024
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  • Buyer Beware

    I returned this item for a full refund but was charged again after a month when they said they didn't receive it. They did receive it but it was missing the manual. Which I did not receive. Huimei Trade is an awful company to do business with. Now they have both my money and the coffee grinder which I returned.

    As far as the product itself: It is a good item for someone who wants a good hand/wrist workout and doesn't mind waiting half an hour to get the amount of ground coffee needed for a small pot. Look elsewhere.

    • Negative
    • Durability
    Jul 02, 2023
  • whimsical and fun

    There's something soothing about grinding coffee the old-fashioned way. It takes a long time to get enough coffee for one small pot. So I just leave it out on the kitchen counter and grind a few minutes whenever I walk through the kitchen. If I need to, I use my old electric grinder to build up a supply. But I'll keep using this one just for fun. I haven't actually cleaned it yet, but I don't see a need to.

    • Positive
    • Grind Consistency
    Jun 18, 2023
  • Good for the price

    This coffee grinder is pretty good for the price, but it could use some work. First it needs a lock washer under the top nut. This nut loosens while you are cranking it. Second, there is a “shelf” inside where the sides meet the top of the grinder housing and coffee beans like to get trapped there requiring you to either shake the grinder or open the lid and push the beans off the shelf. Third, the crank knob was not properly installed, the end of the knob axle was not properly peened leaving the knob wobbling on the crank. But like I titled this, good for the price, you get what you paid for. Next time I’ll spend more.

    • Positive
    • Price
    Jun 10, 2023
  • Perfect for small batches

    I like the motion of the crank, but I think if you are trying to fill a machine to brew 12 cups of coffee this is probably not the best choice. For me, it takes less than a minute to fine grind a single espresso shot and about 80 seconds to grind a double. (about 7g and 14g) I can set it for a more coarse grind and grind out 30g of coffee for my French Press. This is my second one. They are cheap enough that I am going to have one for coarse and one for fine. In both grinds, it is delightfully consistent and smooth. Maybe it doesn't make a bit of difference, but grinding your coffee one small batch at a time is fantastic. I love the feel of it and the smell of it and the tactile sensation of the freshly ground coffee. The jar is nice. No problems with static. Pours smoothly and easily into my portafilter. Very controlled. It is probably odd how much I like this little grinder, but it is definitely a very rewarding part of my coffee ritual. Much better than some electric, noisy grinding contraption with beeps and lights. For scale, my Machine cost $299. I was not going to spend $249 on a grinder, when I can grind with muscle and love by hand.

    • Positive
    • Speed
    Jun 09, 2023

    May be cute, but definitely non useful if your in a hurry!! It took soo long to make myself a cup of coffee. Even to go camping seems useless. Definitely wouldn’t recommend this item!!!

    • Negative
    • Convenience
    May 30, 2023
  • Broken after a week of use

    This sucks, cause I really 5 Star liked it and would continue using it but the handle snapped off so quickly. It was held together by the tiniest, slimsiest little pop rivet made of the same metal used for soda cans. The adjustability was great, the ceramic grinder was great. I even liked the 2 jars they sent, one for storage and the other for grinding. Ultimately I will have to find a new brand because replacing this one will only buy me another week or two.

    • Negative
    • Durability
    May 28, 2023
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