Cute and Motivating Journal for Daily Gratitude
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Cute and Motivating Journal for Daily Gratitude

This journal is a cute and pastel book with daily inspirational quotes and examples. It helps improve moods and is recommended for busy women and moms. However, there was a mistake in the description of the date. Some users found the prompts repetitive and the pages falling out. Despite these issues, the journal is loved for its positive mental health training and appreciation. It encourages gratitude and offers a quick and easy way to start and end the day with positivity.

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Custom Date - May 25, 2024
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  • Love

    Sososo cute!!! The pink is cute and pastel. Each page has a daily inspirational quote, which I love. The beginning of the journal even has examples and explanations of each entry. I do this with my friends and it has helped improve our moods! Great purchase

    • Positive
    • Journaling Experience
    Oct 12, 2023
  • Improved mental clarity

    I love starting everyday writing in my gratitude journal! I truly feel like just taking a couple of minutes to jot down positive intentions every day has done wonders for me over time and highly recommend this :) even if you don’t buy a journal I think the format is great, but for me personally it brings me a lot of joy seeing the pretty cotton candy pink color

    • Positive
    • Gratitude and Positive Mindset
    Oct 04, 2023
  • Brought me a more positive outlook

    Are you someone who does not have time to journal but wants to bring a more positive and grateful mindset everyday. Then this is for you. Try it!
    It really only takes 5 minutes. You can time it. It has two parts a morning section and night section. The morning has three entries and night has two entries to fill in. There are weekly challenges that show up on the pages that are fun but not too time consuming.

    For me I did it as the first thing in the morning BEFORE touching my phone. At night I was less strict and did it whenever it fit in my night schedule. My piece of advice is you can do it however you want as long as you do it everyday no matter if it’s a good day or a bad day.
    Personally it was a slow change, it was hard for me to come up with things to write but after two weeks I started to see my day differently. It was more positive and I felt more grateful for things. I noticed things in my day that should write down. Took time to enjoy them. There is a entry that says “what would make today great”. That for me was the hardest. I did not know what I could do that would make that day great. But it brought me more in tune with myself for that day and what I needed. Sometimes I wrote things down in that section and did not do them, other times I made sure to do all the things. It taught me a deeper more authentic version of self care. Doing things you need to do to feel better, more centered, happy etc. For example instead of “ go to the gym” it’s” if I move my body today” or instead of “ I will clean the kitchen today” it’s “ I will spend x amount of time cleaning my space today. It’s a small commitment to yourself for that day. It made me more kind to myself. Not an chore or something to dread doing. But a small commitment to better yourself. I know I read somewhere that’s you should be 1% better everyday and I believe this helps you do that.
    Good luck!

    In terms of quality it great. The cover, the pages the color. All great. Just like it’s pictured. However mine did start to fall apart after a couple months. I think this would make a great gift to yourself or someone else.

    As with most things if you don’t take it seriously ot can’t make the commitment it won’t help you.

    • Positive
    • Daily Routine and Habit
    Sep 25, 2023
  • Grateful for the same stuff every day

    I was really annoyed with this journal after awhile. Might have been just me but it didn't allow for enough creative individuality. It asks what I am grateful for every day. For me it was always the same stuff which then felt defeating, like I should have more things to be grateful for or my stuff I was grateful for wasn't good enough or why do I have to write down the same things every day.

    I ended up going with a different journal from Amazon called "One Day, One Step, One Breath at a Time". There are more open ended questions and opportunities to color for stress relief and explore my emotions.

    • None
    • Creative Individuality
    Sep 22, 2023
  • love it !!

    I love this journal, I just started reading it today and the topics are so thought through and interesting! I like that the book gives an example and then lets you write as kind of a guide ( this is only for the start of the book ). I think anyone would be thankful to be gifted it. As you can see, it did come with a black smudge at the top and I saw that with a lot of other reviews, although it is very cute and the affirmations on the inside make it look very lovely. The size is fine and how I expected. It’s definitely sturdy and a nice material!

    • Positive
    • Quality and Packaging
    Sep 07, 2023
  • Uplifting

    Focusing on gratitude and positive events each day elevated my mood and trained my mind to see more good in the world. Fun to do as well.

    • Positive
    • Improvement in Mental Health
    Sep 07, 2023
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