How to Scrape and Analyze App Store Reviews for Free?

May 01, 2023 - 4 min read
How to Scrape and Analyze App Store Reviews for Free?

Understanding customers' true feelings about the brand and making it the focus of their marketing strategy is key to staying one step ahead for businesses. In today's rapidly changing and developing market conditions, businesses must be able to catch up with this change and be dynamic. How customers define the brand is part of the dynamism of businesses.

The most effective way to understand how customers describe a brand is to observe customers. Observing is essentially doing market research and collecting customer feedback. There are many ways to do this, one of which is to conduct a survey. However, in today's conditions, customers may not reflect their true feelings and thoughts about the brand in the surveys. Where customers are most natural is in the comments they make when giving feedback on a product or service. When customers like or dislike a product, they comment on the site where they purchased the product or service, and these comments are unlimited. For example, before purchasing an application from the app store, you can find information about the price, scope, etc., about the application. However, when another customer comments on the same application and the content of the comment is related to the use of the application's interface, you learn from the comments. Businesses can make improvements to their products or services by examining this feedbacks.

Because of the huge amount of customer feedback and the time-consuming to analyze it, in this article, I am talking about a platform where you can collect and analyze your customers' feedback in seconds. Thanks to Kimola's free research tools, I show you how, for example, you can analyze customer reviews in the app store with one click.

Analyze App Store Reviews Free

Why are App Store Reviews Important for Customer Research?

App Store is a digital distribution platform developed by the Apple company for the iOS operating system. It was made available on 10 July 2008.The App Store allows its users to download and purchase applications on their iOS devices. Users can choose from thousands of games and applications in this online store. The app store has apps in different categories, such as health, education, entertainment, news, social media and travel. Digital content such as music, movies and books is sold. In addition, apps in the App Store must comply with Apple's safety and quality standards and be checked. In this way, Apple offers its users a secure experience.

The App Store is of great importance to the app industry. Since its initial release, many game developers and companies have been able to access their customers and vast audiences by uploading their apps to the App Store.

Customer feedback on the App Store is an important source of information for app developers, publishers, and businesses. Analyzing customer feedback provides invaluable insights into understanding customers' preferences, expectations and problems. Thanks to this feedback, applications can be updated, and an opportunity for improvement is found. In addition, when you analyze customer feedback and make improvements in applications according to these analyses, an environment of trust is created so that they continue to use the application.

Who can use App Store Review Analyzer?

More than 1.76 million people currently use the App Store. So it also includes a lot of customer feedback.  Various stakeholders in the app development and publishing world can analyze customer reviews and mention some of them:

App developers collect information from customer reviews and analyze the feedback about their applications to identify areas of improvement regarding the application.

App Product Managers, product managers responsible for application development and strategy, gain valuable insight into customer preferences, prioritizing decisions on the product roadmap.

App Marketing Teams evaluate the impact of marketing campaigns and app updates on customers by analyzing customer reviews. They identify negative reviews to protect brand reputation.

App Quality Assurance Teams should analyze customer reviews to identify recurring bugs, usability issues, or technical issues reported by customers.

App Store Optimization (ASO) Specialists: It is important to analyze customer reviews to extract frequent keywords from customer reviews. It guides  Aso's strategies to optimize app listings and improve app discoverability.

Competitors: Companies can gain valuable insights from competitor reviews by analysing customer reviews. They understand how their competitors are evaluated.

How to Scrape and Analyze App Store Reviews Easily?

I mentioned a free tool before you can quickly get insight from customer feedback. Here is the part about how to scrape and analyze the reviews on the App Store step by step

Here is a report for Chase Bank's Mobile App

This report provides comprehensive information, such as sentiment analysis and categorization of comments.

 Chase Bank's Mobile App Reportt

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