Personal Match UK: Personalized Matchmaking, Supportive Team & Valuable Coaching
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Personal Match UK: Personalized Matchmaking, Supportive Team & Valuable Coaching

Personal Match UK is praised for its personalized matchmaking services, supportive team, and valuable coaching sessions. Clients appreciate the deep understanding, guidance, and honesty provided by Naseem and her team. The service is commended for helping individuals gain confidence, self-awareness, and clarity in their search for a life partner.

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Custom Date - Apr 13, 2024
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  • The best in the business

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to Sister Naseem and the PM UK team for all their help & support they have provided me over the years.An incredible team that is always on hand to provide advice and will always ensure that your interests are a priority. Trying to find a spouse in today’s day and age is frustrating, but sister Naseem and her team do an amazing job to help you understand yourself as well and what you’re looking for in a person. The process is well organised and well thought out. The best thing is that they consider your best interest and don’t just suggest anyone and everyone but rather select who they think will best suit you. Massive thank you once again for all your efforts and I will definitely be recommending all friends and family.

    • Positive
    • Personalized Coaching Sessions
    Feb 12, 2024
  • Personal Match Experience

    The personal match course allowed me to understand a better perspective on how to approach looking for a partner and having support and truthful advice allows you to place your trust in the programme and gain from it. If you haven’t spoken to someone about marriage and are serious about looking would recommend this programme to develop yourself in how to approach looking for someone and what to prepare when speaking to someone for marriage to help you get your personality across whilst also being aware what questions to ask to see if they are an appropriate match for you.

    • Positive
    • Self-discovery and Personal Growth
    Jan 21, 2024
  • PM service part 2 of 2

    The conversation especially as the months went on, felt more like the service justifying the work they do, and how busy they are. This is all well and good if I was sat on your Board of trustees. All I really wanted to know was, where were my matches and what feedback, if any is there for me to work on.The coaching support was very little. One of the sells for me was this aspect, which was part of my package and didn't really happen. I would have expected some dedicated check ins for this. As time when on, the tardiness really started to show, late calls, no shows, no replies, constantly having to chase up, disorganised and it was become frustrating. It also seems like the general team are not talking to Naseem or vice versa as conversations have been inconsistent. On one occasion, they asked to speak to me and upon having the meeting it was abundantly clear they had not checked my account for notes and I had to remind them, they asked to talk to me. The apologies and excuses start to wear thin when it just keeps happening regularly. Having introduced another person to this I bear the guilt of that as they have also had a similar experience. I also got the impression with matches, as a woman i was asked to give things a go & not say no after initial or first meeting (unless there were huge red flags). However, for the men if it was a no at the first meeting that was final and communicated as such. Sometimes it would take weeks to get a response after pushing to ask for this. I would recommend, There should be a set time for feedback from meeting matches for both parties involved. I would expect anyone serious about marriage would not be taking so long to get back to the service after either an online or face to face meeting with someone, (whichever way they decide to go). In today's world and with the wonderful advancement of technology, no one is that busy to take 5 mins and give feedback. Where am I nowAs time went on the process became very transactional and I felt the human aspect was lacking in getting to know me or they had no matches and failed to communicate that with me. I didn't feel like I was being listened to. I’d have been happy to pause my subscription as they gathered more matches, which I presumed wouldn’t take long given how busy they were.I especially felt towards the last 6/7 months matches were sparse to non-existent and those that were, we had nothing in common. The team were also very slow in arranging matches from online calls to face to face meetings which meant the momentum just went with matches due to the slowness of arranging these. At times , I found myself chasing them up to ask what is happening. Having spoken to a few men using the service ( naturally comes up in conversation), they also shared similar experiences. For me, I've tried several times to try talk to the service and address this however nothing has really changed so far but I am happy to keep trying. This review is based on my experience which someone can read and do as they please. Hopefully, the feedback will help the organisation to develop themselves and offer a matchmaking service not a marriage bureau (two are very different). It’s a good model and not many people are offering this. I believe the team are genuine in helping people and if executed properly this really is a good opportunity / way for people to meet. My official subscription has now ended, and there has little communication from the team to discuss this. However, i am open to working with team to address these challenges and rectify some of the areas and see how this goes. I’d be happy to update my review based on any changes that are made.

    • None
    • Professionalism and Dedication
    Jan 04, 2024
  • I never actually went ahead and started…

    I never actually went ahead and started the service but the company owner is a great honest business women. I am quite young and when I told her my age, she told me honestly that if I'm looking for someone who is close to or younger than my age then this isn't the right place as she doesn't have many clients who are within my age range. Although I was disappointed they didn't have anyone my age, I really appreciated the honesty and it saved me money and their time. Shows they're not just a money grab and actually want to onboard people who they know they can realistically find a match for.

    • Positive
    • Transparent and Honest Service
    Dec 26, 2023
  • Just wanted to say a big thank you to…

    Just wanted to say a big thank you to personal match uk and sister Naseem and also to the rest of the team for all their help & support they have provided me over the years. They have gone out their way to really help me achieve all my goals in life.Such a fantastic team, they have helped out alot in my journey to search for a spause and helped me enhance my confidence in finding the right spause which I am happy now proud to say that I am now engaged and have found the right person with their help & support. Not only did they help me find a spause but also helped alot me in finding the right career which I am now very happy with. I highly recommend their service if you are looking to get married or even become the better version of yourself.

    • Positive
    • Self-discovery and Personal Growth
    Dec 17, 2023
  • Mindset shift

    As always, I always leave my sessions with a positive feeling.Been having sessions catered to my needs, Naseem has been patient with me and the team are all great and regularly check with me.

    • Positive
    • Personalized Coaching Sessions
    Mar 07, 2023
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