Contour RollerMouse Pro - Wireless Ergonomic Mouse: Productivity and Comfort
Contour RollerMouse Pro: Unveiling User Insights & Benefits

Contour RollerMouse Pro - Wireless Ergonomic Mouse: Productivity and Comfort

The Contour Design RollerMouse Pro - Wireless Ergonomic Mouse offers relief from wrist strain and enhances productivity for users spending long hours on the computer. Its unique design, including a central rollerbar and extended wrist rest, reduces discomfort and allows for precise cursor control. While some users found the transition challenging, many praised the mouse for its ease of use and thoughtful features like copy and paste buttons. The wireless capability, smooth action, and adjustable keyboard risers were highlighted as positive aspects, making it a recommended option for those seeking ergonomic alternatives to traditional mice.

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Custom Date - Apr 20, 2024
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  • Takes getting used to but I love it

    This is a very unconventional mouse but I’ve been using it for months now and love it for productivity work.

    The mouse movement takes some time to get used to but with it only takes very gentle movements to move the mouse where you need it. My favorite is the dedicated buttons for copy and paste which was a nice bonus.

    Of the available options I would highly recommend just getting the wireless version. The battery lasts a long time and having the wireless options allows you to still use it wired or via Bluetooth. To add to the extremely thoughtful design, the battery is user serviceable for whenever it needs to be replaced.

    Overall super happy to daily use this at my work from home office. Movements don’t require much effort and definitely reduced stress on my hands compared to even using my other ergonomic mouse. Highly recommended for people looking for mice alternatives.

    • Positive
    • Productivity and Efficiency
    Oct 10, 2023
  • Fairly intuitive, where to put it?

    The design of this mouse roller is quite ingenious. First off, it's well built and and has very smooth action. I was it wirelessly, so if it doesn't autoconnect when waking up from a long sleep, I just turn it on/off once and it's back in business.

    It didn't take long for me to get used to using it and controlling my pointer on double 32" screens easily. The action is very smooth and I can move the pointer easily and control actions with it fairly well.

    The big question, esp at this price point, is the ergonomics of it. I found that putting in on my desk, where I imagine most people would put it, actually did not help much with pain/fatigue from computer mouse use. What actually helped, was using the cardboard box the roller mouse came in on my lap and putting the roller mouse there. Of course, my keyboard is farther away since it stayed on my desk. So it defeated the purpose of having the mouse right next to the keyboard for easier typing. So I suppose it depends on your particular ergonomic bent, and what you come up with for the best place to control the pointer, ergonomic resting position, and quick access to keyboard.

    • Positive
    • Ergonomics and Comfort
    Jun 20, 2023
  • High quality, easy to set up

    This is an interesting concept that I had heard of but never tried before. It’s basically plug and play so it’s pretty easy and intuitive to set up and start using (which is good since the included instructions are a little minimal)…and it also features Bluetooth pairing if that’s your preference. It takes a little getting used to but it operates pretty smoothly. You do have to be careful not to accidentally bump it since it sits right in front of the keyboard…ours is pretty thick and my wife and I still end up hitting the main roller occasionally while typing. They apparently offer button/function customization if you download the driver, which I may end up doing as I use it more (I’ll update later based on that experience). For now, I’m still getting used to it and will probably alternate between it and my standard mouse and pad based on what I’m doing (meaning I’ll use the standard mouse if I’m doing more typing). It is a little pricey but overall, it’s a well made and pretty easy to use mouse (at least for certain tasks) that makes a great alternative option for giving your wrist a break. It’s a pretty solid four stars in my opinion.

    • Positive
    • Ease of Use and Setup
    May 18, 2023
  • I've steered clear of conventional mice for my workstation for probably a decade now which started off due to the normal type of mouse giving me pain in my forearm and since then I've mainly used the vertical or trackball type. Both of these gave me a better experience with less issues.

    This RollerMouse Pro (I have the extended and wired version, is something completely different for me but oddly hasn't taken much time at all to adapt to using it, unlike how I remember the transition to the vertical and trackball types.

    Out of the box this is simple to set up, the instructions I looked at to learn what each button did, and it worked instantly once the USB was plugged in.

    I like this piece of kit, the shape is perfect as a wrist rest and I no longer have my right shoulder and arm extended to the right, which I'm very conscious of, and usually use a small keyboard to minimise this - not an issue any more.

    Its very comfortable to use, and the copy and paste buttons are very useful in my line of work - 5 stars but it is pricey, 5 stars none the less

    • Positive
    • Ergonomics and Comfort
    May 17, 2023
  • This is very ease to work and use from normally using a mouse on the computer. a centred mouse for Pain Relief with 6 Programmable Buttons controling your mouse speed for upto 2800 DPI. Helps you sit better at your desk, stopping you leaning back and for I believe and helps with shoulder and arm movement if you have sore, aging shoulders like me. Great wrist rest too.

    • Positive
    • Pain Relief and Ergonomics
    Apr 21, 2023
  • Wow absolut genial zum arbeiten. Steigert die Produktivität deutlich. :)

    Ich kannte solche Maus-Typen noch gar nicht. Ich hatte zwar schon verschiedene Maus-Typen mit Ball unten, Laser, Ball an der Seite, ... aber das diese hier ist im Büro der Hammer schlecht hin.

    Die RollerMouse Pro von Contour ist auf jedem Schreibtisch/Bürotisch sicherlich, der Blickfang schlecht hin. Sie sieht sehr hochwertig, extravagant und teuer ist. Ist sie auch alles. Die Verarbeitung ist spitzenmäßig. Die Handballenauflage einfach wunderbar passend zu meinen mechanischen Tastaturen. Diese sind ja meist deutlich höher als die Membran Dinger und hier passt die RollerMouse perfekt ran. Ich habe sie mit meinen Razer Black Widow, Huntsman und Roccat Vulcan getestet. Da ich jedoch am liebsten mit meiner Logitech MX Keys arbeite und die mechanischen Tastaturen zum Spielen verwende, war ich für die zwei Tastatur-Erhöhungen dankbar. Diese liegen der RollerMouse bei und ja was soll ich sagen. Sie heben die Tastatur an nicht mehr und nicht weniger. :)

    Arbeiten tut man mit der RollerMouse gefühlt drei Mal so produktiv. Man kann die Hände der Tastatur belassen und die Maus mit dem Daumen steuern. Das klappt nach ein paar Tests prima. Hier braucht man also nicht immer und immer wieder zur Maus greifen und zurück zur Tastatur. Jedoch zur Grafikbearbeitung verwende ich dann doch eine Maus. Zum normalen Büroalltag wo ich viel schreibe, programmiere, im Browser und Excel Tabellen hin und her klicken muss ist die Maus genial. Anders kann ich es einfach nicht sagen.

    Die RollerMouse gibt es kabelgebunden und kabellos. Jeder wie er mag, wer bereits eine kabelgebundene Tastatur verwendet, braucht auch keine kabellose RollerMouse.

    5 Sterne, da ich sie nicht mehr missen möchte.

    • Positive
    • Design and Build Quality
    Jan 05, 2023
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