yAyusi Magnifying Glass with Light: Precision Tool for Soldering, Crafting & Repairs
Boost Your Precision Work with the yAyusi Magnifying Lamp

yAyusi Magnifying Glass with Light: Precision Tool for Soldering, Crafting & Repairs

The yAyusi magnifying glass with light and stand is highly praised for its 10X magnification, adjustable LED lamp, and sturdy clamp design. Users appreciate the easy setup, versatility for various tasks like soldering, crafting, and repairs, as well as the three color temperature options for optimal lighting. The lamp's durability, brightness adjustability, and overall value make it a recommended tool for precision work.

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  • Electronics Technicians
  • Jewelers
  • Craft Hobbyists
  • Watchmakers
  • Miniature Painters

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Custom Date - Apr 24, 2024
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  • As expected

    This product was as I had hoped for...light is bright and magnifying glass is great.

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    Feb 06, 2024
  • Facillitates and Improves the Quality of my Daily abilities

    10X Magnifying Optical Glass, with LED Dimmable (72) LED lights (max up to 1200 lumens), C-clamp desk/table mount and fully adjustable arm mechanism. Pretty much fully assembled and very easy to set up.

    The C-clamp mounting clip is a simple tightening to mount in place (maximum thickness 2.1") on the edge of your table and/or other options you may have . Having a lamp securely clamped down insures that you cannot knock the lamp over and with the capability of fully adjustable arms, there is no need to have to move locations to position this unit. The springs on the long, multi-adjustable arms, helps facilitate and insure the unit stays in position where you need it most.

    The (46”) power cord plugs into a USB outlet. The switch to power on the unit and to control the various color tints and brightness of the LED lights encircling the magnifying glass are accessible easily, at the base of the stand below the C-clamp. The controller’s four buttons allow you to change the light color (white, cool white or warm yellow) with the choice of ten levels of brightness (ranging from 10% to 100%); providing you with the most suitable light according to your environment and needs. With the added illumination and magnification support, you can ease your eyes, improve and facilitate your visual acuteness and perception to whatever clarity of view you require.

    The 4 ½”diameter magnifying, round glass head, swivels 360° with the additional capabilities to adjust the angle or positioning you require; in addition of another tightening lock at the base of the magnifying glass to stabilize this section as well.

    Overall you receive multi-adjustable placement of a lamp, providing you the best light and magnification to enhance your vision capabilities, while freeing your hands. I would consider this for general, light duty use at home (it’s not a heavy duty type model, one that would constantly be re-positioned throughout the day).

    I find it exceptionally well suited for my needs and certainly recommend this item for the majority of individuals needing to facilitate and enhance a little more extra vision in their daily lives, especially as we age and those with various eyesight impairments. Once mounted into place, you have a stable lamp that won’t fall over and is easily accessible, provide some ambience with the lighting and the best; a hands-free (non-shaking) magnifying glass you have at arm’s length, without having to search the room for it

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    Feb 03, 2024
  • Love It!

    This works so well, and the added light makes such a difference versus just using a magnifying glass. It comes fully assembled, is easily adjustable, with lots of adjustment options, and is stable when attached with the clamp. It has three different light colors and is dimmable, but I will likely only ever use the white color, since I am using the light to see what I'm doing, not as a lamp/ambient lighting, and will probably never dim it, either, but the options are there.

    Drawbacks/Cons are that it doesn't come with a wall plug for the USB-type power cord, and the power cord could be longer.

    If you need a hands-free magnifying glass that also lights up, I think you'll be satisfied with this one.

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    Jan 15, 2024
  • for soldering

    I got this for soldering at my work bench. Electronics are always getting smaller and smaller and it's become difficult for me to see my work. the magnification is great so I can tell if I have bridged any pins or attached to the PCB pad. The light is also a really nice feature and goof for taking pictures of the job through the lens.

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    Jan 09, 2024
  • Sturdy to manoeuvre to the exact angle needed

    The LED light and in-cord button control is perfect for jewellery crafts, reading, etc. we have a similar version of this lamp that sits on top of the table. We chose this one because moving the light’s arm doesn’t move the base because it’s affixed to the tables edge. More convenient. Long reach with the metal arms and easily adjustable at all angles.

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    Jan 04, 2024
  • So Useful We Both Want It!

    As my wife and I have aged, our vision has gradually deteriorated. In particular, our ability to see small details and perform delicate intricate tasks has diminished. My wife has great difficulty threading a needle; I struggle with tiny print in manuals. So nowwe’ve finally given in and ordered a proper magnifier for close work.
    I was surprised at how easy this unit was to set up. The magnifier and arm mechanism come fully assembled; inserting the arm’s pivot arm into the C-clamp and tightening everything up completes the assembly. Plug the power cord into a USB charging block and you are ready to go.
    While the unit might at first appear large and cumbersome, its design actually facilitates easy positioning of the mirror where you need it through the use of multiple adjustment points. At its base, the unit swivels 360° with the lower elbow bending up to 270° and the upper elbow up to 225°; the magnifier itself can swivel 360°. The C-clamp is easy to use; it hasn’t marked any of the table tops we’ve used it on so far.
    The magnifier illuminates your work with a light located on the outside edge of the glass. Lighting is controlled via an inline switch located on the power cord very close to where the unit attaches to the table top. In addition to turning the light on and off, the controller’s four buttons allow you to change the light color (warm, natural, white) and choose one of ten levels of brightness (ranging from 10% to 100%).
    Illuminated by the ring of LED’s that surround it, the magnifying glass is the star of the show! Large enough that it doesn’t require constant adjustment, its ten power magnification makes close work a breeze! I was pleased not only with the size of the glass but with the clarity of view it provides.
    I would have liked to have seen a longer power cord on the unit; I was also disappointed that the unit didn’t come with its own charging block.
    I am extremely impressed by the design of this unit! The long arms and multiple adjustment points allow you to position the magnifying glass exactly where you need it without having to worry about a nearby stand or cord. The light works beautifully; I really appreciate the wide range of lighting options it offers. I’ve been unable to detect any flicker. This product is everything we hoped it would be! Our biggest problem with it is trying to decide whether it goes on my wife’s craft table or on my desk.
    Highly recommended!

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    Jan 02, 2024
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