Understand consumer behavior, trends, lifestyle, and conversations.

Also, you can type any brand that you are interested in.

Demographics and AI-Driven Interests

Kimola provides demographics of your audience to better plan your actions. You can also better understand your audiences' interests more deeply than ever. Check their interests and interest divisions to understand your consumers better.

Interests Interests
Demographics Demographics

Optimize Your Media Buying

Kimola identifies optimal TV Shows, Radio and News Channels, active hours and more so you can best spend you media-buying budget.

TV Tendency TV Tendency
News Sources Tendency News Sources Tendency
Radio Tendency Radio Tendency

Develop Your Content Strategy

Develop your content strategy with data. Discover your audiences' most engaging topics so you can best reach them.

Interests Interests
Influencer Tendency Influencer Tendency

Build Effective Relationships

What is better than understanding other brands that are attractive to your audience? Learn who to collaborate with when reaching your customers.

Brand Tendency Brand Tendency

Find The Right Celebrities & Influencers

Learn which influencers and celebrities best impact your audience so you can more quickly influence brand perception. Filter by gender, location and more.

Influencer Tendency Influencer Tendency
Celebrity Tendency Celebrity Tendency

One Line Stories

Nike Increased Sales %210
Japan Tobacco's Global Best Practice
Lipton Chose Best Matching TV Shows
Turkcell Increased Positive Perception

Plans & Pricing

Our pricing is based on the audience count. Here is the best thing: You can delete your existing audiences and define new ones in every 30 days. That simple! Contact us for unlimited offers & services.

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  • 30 days historical data
  • 10.000 users
  • All-in-one Powerpoint Reports
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  • 5 Audience
  • 60 days historical data
  • 10.000 users per audience
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  • 90 days historical data
  • 10.000 users per audience
  • All-in-one Powerpoint Reports
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