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What is an Audience?

An audience is a group of people who engaged with a brand’s social media account which is called "Brand Based Audience" such as Nike Engagers, Tinder Engagers, Starbucks Engagers. It also can be a group of people who are interested in the same thing called “Interest Based Audience” such as Football Lovers, Fashion Lovers, Technology Lovers.

How Kimola Profiles an Audience?

Kimola profiles thousands of people anonymously every day by their actions on social media. Engaging with an account, expressing an interest by liking, retweeting or mentioning with specific accounts gives the hint to profile an audience. Kimola’s AI engine has an expertise in choosing real people, none of the fake & bot profiles are included in our audiences.

How Can I Use This Data as a Marketer?

Kimola provides lifestyle analysis in real-time about any consumer group in seconds. This gives marketers to segment their consumers easily by interests, build better media buying plans, choose the right celebrities and influencers for their campaign, filter the audience with demographics, create the most effective contents and build cross-marketing stategies for their brands. Becoming an AI-Driven marketer has never been easier.

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