We believe in data

We love creating products to understand humankind.

We're a big data company and we work with two passions; linguistics and understanding people. Our journey started as a search algorithm at Microsoft Innovation Center in 2014 and since then, we have been creating products to analyze the lifestyle of consumers through their digital texts and behaviors on social media.

We're proud of combining millions of data with sociology and helping brands to manage all their actions by understanding consumers. The most exciting thing for us is to analyze the behaviors, interests, habits of people changing with technology and we’ll always be surprised by humankind.

Currently, we have 3 offices; San Francisco, Cyberpark Ankara and İstanbul. We’d love to see you in one of them if you’re a dataholic.



Mustafa Savaş

He studied Mechanical Engineering at university and worked as a software developer and trainer for many years. Today, he leads the core technology development of Kimola and also responsible for company's future plans and strategies.

Beybin Esen

She studied at Faculty of Communications and worked as a creative/strategist for many years. She awarded as The Youngest Social Entrepreneur by Sylvan Laureate Foundation. Today, she manages operations and customer acquisition at Kimola.

İnci Çömlekçioğlu

She studied Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and she holds a bachelor degree in Computer Science and Sociology. Today, she works as Program Director at StartersHub.



StartersHub is a world-class entrepreneurship platform acting as a catalyst in the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.


500 Startups is a global venture capital seed fund with a network of startup programs headquartered in Silicon Valley.

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