Editing Your Mailing

1 min read - Updated on Sep 06, 2021

You can edit your unsubscribers, platforms, and interval.

  1. Login to https://kimola.com/sign-in with your email and password
  2. Go to https://analytics.kimola.com
  3. Click Audiences on the left frame
  4. Click your audience
  5. Click Mailings
  6. Choose your mailing to edit and click the edit box on the right. (if you click trash can, your mailing will be deleted)
  7. You can edit or change sections below:
    1. Name
    2. Unsubscribers (you can add or remove names)
    3. Platforms
    4. Checkboxes
    5. Interval and increment
  8. Click Save if you need a second check or click Save&Close to exit.