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While Kimola’s technology helps you gather consumer opinions from different mediums in seconds, it also delivers instant analysis to help you understand what consumers think and how they feel about a brand or a topic.

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Search in the world's largest consumer opinion database that is developed for marketing professionals around the world. It's free and available to everyone on the internet.

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Put behind all the complicated processes of data analysis. Insights Engine is the one and only search engine that instantly turns consumer opinions into live analysis to help you get insights.

It's Unified!

Insights Engine gathers consumer opinions from social media platforms, e-commerce websites, review sites and more so you don’t have to surf from one to another to understand what people think about a brand or a product.

Built for marketing & research professionals.

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Sentiment Score

Sentiment Score is a numeric indicator that shows how people feel about a brand on a scale from 0 to 5. This unique score is calculated by combining two different metrics; the sentiment of consumers around the brand and the instant country-wide sentiment in your country. This special formula is Kimola's Intellectual Property and helps marketing professionals to assess a brand without getting affected by the common negativity of the internet.

Sentiment Score is a feature of Kimola’s Social Research Platform, Kimola Analytics, which supports marketing professionals for social & web listening about any topic with monthly and yearly subscription. Learn more about social listening & web monitoring feature of Kimola Analytics.

Sentiment Score
Content Analysis

Content Analysis

Kimola offers a large number of Machine Learning models for 6 different languages. When a user starts a search, our engine chooses the most possible machine learning model for classification and shows the results instantly. This enables marketers understand what people are thinking on any topic without manually analyzing the content.

This technology is provided by Kimola’s Machine Learning Platform, Kimola Cognitive, and helps marketing professionals to create machine learning models, train AI and classify thousands of consumer opinions in minutes without coding. Learn more about using Machine Learning in qualitative research with Kimola Cognitive.

Audience Analysis

Audience analysis shows a little information on consumers who talk about the topic or brand you have searched for. “Interests” bring the top 3 interests of the consumers who talk about your search, “Celebrities” bring the top 3 celebrities they engage and “Brands” deliver the top 3 brands they mention.

The data is delivered to show the abilities of Kimola’s Social Research Platform, Kimola Analytics, which helps marketing professionals to understand the lifestyle of their target audiences. From Demographics to TV Affinities, media habits to preferred music genres, the technology of Kimola Analytics is developed to support marketing professionals to understand their audience better. Learn more about lifestyle analysis feature of Kimola Analytics.

Audience Analyses

Our Open Data Mission for Consumer Research

80% of marketing professionals around the world do not have access to instant consumer data. We are here to support the marketing community to help them understand consumers better with our Insights Engine.

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