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Practical Guide to Edge AI and tinyML

Practical Guide to Edge AI and tinyML

6 reviews between Feb 10, 2023 and Jul 02, 2023.

A comprehensive guide to Edge AI and tinyML, providing practical examples and insights into the capabilities and limitations of the technology. This book is recommended for those with some AI experience who want to learn more about managing an AI project. It bridges the gap in literature on embedded machine learning and offers practical guidance on bringing models to market.

AI at the Edge: Solving Real-World Problems with Embedded Machine Learning: 9781098120207:
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6 reviews between Feb 10, 2023 and Jul 02, 2023.

Feb 10, 2023 - Jul 02, 2023

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  • It’s a great book to manage an AI project

    This book is not for learning how to program, but it’s a complete guidance to manage an AI project, including different approaches and tools that we can get. Highly recommend for people has some experience with AI and want to know more how to run an AI project.

    • Positive
    • AI Project Management
    Jul 02, 2023
  • If you are looking for a complete guide for AI on the edge or tinyML then look no further, I really liked this book. It will take you through all the steps from the concepts, to a practical guide on how to create your own applications, including examples. I also really liked the Edge Impulse AI platform, to which you can get entry level access for free

    • Positive
    • TinyML
    Apr 17, 2023
  • Perfect embedded ML reference book

    A must have if you're in or interested in the field of embedded machine learning! It does a great job of explaining in detail and connecting together all the embedded/ML/AI/engineering buzzwords you'll likely hear one day working in this field. Definitely something I'll be keeping in the back pocket.

    It also does a great job in exploring a topic there isn't too much literature on. In fact, I wrote a research paper a few years back during my MS in Computer Science specifically describing the void in literature in the field of embedded machine learning. This book certainly bridges that gap and I'm sure it'll be referred back to for years to come.

    • Positive
    • Embedded Machine Learning
    Mar 14, 2023
  • Very practical

    Love how practical this book is. You can really take the explanations in here and get a model to market!

    • Positive
    • Software Development
    Mar 14, 2023
  • Extremely easy to understand Edge AI - must read

    Absolutely amazing book. I am very impressed by how easy it is to understand Edge AI after reading the real life examples and what "BLERP" means to apply to all real life potential applications.

    The book is filled with very good knowledge about the disruption that is about to occur in Edge AI. Coming from no background in this whatsoever, I feel much more confident about talking about it's capabilities, limitations, and where the future of Edge AI is.

    Must read for those entering the space, or in it now.

    • Positive
    • Edge AI
    Mar 08, 2023
  • Practical Technical and Lifecycle Summary of Machine Learning & AI Near The Point of Data Creation

    In my years as an IT Consultant, it was often a difficult task to provide information on a new technology to the multiple roles necessary in its successful development; and in a startup where a small team acts as everything from project manager to product leadership to software and hardware development roles this is particularly relevant, and this book fulfills all these needs to perfection. Edge AI is an extreme example of this sort of technology embodying both software, algorithm development, embedded hardware and electronics, as well as management lifecycle and product marketing roles. These expert developers: Daniel Situnayake and Jenny Plunkett both principals at Edge Impulse provide excellent direction which can be absorbed at all stages of this promising yet precarious development lifecycle.

    This book gives general background and instruction on what is Edge AI and Machine Learning providing clear explanations that can be grasped by less technical managers, as well as a detailed picture of what is necessary to create a realistic and successful development project that corresponds to a variety of use cases. The book is roughly divided into three relatively independent yet complete sections, first a tutorial on the definitions, lifecycle and caveats of successful embedded AI development, secondly a detailed but not overly complicated section provided the specifics of a successful implementation and the development and engineering issues involved (this is the largest section in the book), and finally 3 widely divergent use cases involving wildlife conservation, food safety, and a consumer product giving sufficient detail to insure successful implementation of similar and dissimilar products.

    While this is not primarily a software implementation book sufficient detail is provided for the Edge Impulse ML/Ops framework to allow successful end to end development with a variety of tools.

    This is one of the best books I have seen in over forty years as an IT consultant in introducing and successfully implementing a new technology.

    --Ira Laefsky
    MS Engineering UPenn/ Wharton MBA formerly on the Computer Consulting Staff of Arthur D. Little, Inc and Digital Equipment Corporation and now involved with a Stealth Mode Startup in a Directly Relevant Domain

    • Positive
    • Product Marketing
    Feb 10, 2023
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