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A Comprehensive Introduction to Generative AI for Business Leaders

A Comprehensive Introduction to Generative AI for Business Leaders

5 reviews between Jun 12, 2023 and Sep 10, 2023.

This book provides an introduction to generative AI and its impact on business, offering advice on evaluating and implementing generative AI tools. It covers the future of generative AI, including predictions on new technologies and the impact on jobs. The book also explores historical information behind AI and related developments, but falls short in providing a framework for learning about ML and AI. Overall, it offers a comprehensive look at generative AI and its transformative potential for business leaders.

Generative AI: How ChatGPT and Other AI Tools... by Taulli, Tom
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5 reviews between Jun 12, 2023 and Sep 10, 2023.

Jun 12, 2023 - Sep 10, 2023

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  • Sloppy and obviously rushed

    Poorly edited. Poorly paced. Random jargon bombing runs without explaining them through first principles. Overt errors (eg the math problem on p80 isn’t as obvious as the author suggests, and even if you accept his logic, the formula doesn’t follow his own explanation.) feels like both the authors and editors were asleep at the wheel. Was this book itself written by ChatGPT? Very possibly given the quality. That said, at the time of writing this is just about the only introductory book on Gen AI available now, so it’s slim pickings.

    • Negative
    • Technology Explanation
    Sep 10, 2023
  • Useful but not well-explained

    This is a good book to get some interesting historical information behind AI and related developments. You will also see many buzzwords referenced all through the book.

    Where it falls short is in giving you a good framework for learning about ML and AI. And explaining the underlying terms in a way that brings it all together.

    Regardless, it is a good read.

    • None
    • ML and AI Framework
    Aug 07, 2023
  • Easy-to-understand explanations of concepts well!

    I run a business that provides IT consulting services. Since ChatGPT came out, I have gotten lots of questions about generative AI from clients. So I was excited to see Tom’s book on this topic. In fact, last year I read his other book about AI.
    They are both similar in that they have a business focus and are non-technical. With his generative AI book, there are many helpful use cases and profiles of cutting-edge companies in the space. Tom also provides easy-to-understand explanations of concepts like transformers, diffusion, GANs and so on. He also shows some features about OpenAI I did not know about, such as the Playground.
    For the most part, the book has been very helpful for my business.

    • Positive
    • Business Applications
    Jul 12, 2023
  • A Must Read Guide for Business Leaders on Generative AI

    This is an outstanding and timely book on generative ai and can serve as a concise roadmap for business leaders aiming to understand and leverage the transformative potential of AI.

    Tom Taulli does a great job explaining AI concepts, not purely from a technological perspective but from how they relate to business. He also shares many examples and practical lessons that help bring the concepts to life.

    This will be my go-to guide for business leaders looking for strategies to integrate and utilize AI tools in business operations effectively.

    This book is a thoughtful and comprehensive look at generative AI, and I highly recommend it to any business professional looking to navigate the evolving AI landscape.

    • Positive
    • Business Applications
    Jun 12, 2023
  • Very informative!

    This book looks into the inner workings of the technology, making understandable systems like transformers and diffusion models.

    But this is not a tech primer either. Tom shows the disruptive innovation of generative AI and brings this to life with the stories of companies like Jasper, StabilityAI, and Hugging Face.

    Tom provides great advice on evaluating and implementing generative AI tools. I think this is one of the most important parts of his book.

    In the final sections of the book, Tom covers the future of generative AI. He offers some interesting predictions, such as about the evolution of new technologies and even the impact on jobs.

    All in all, this is the book I have been looking for.

    • Positive
    • Generative AI
    Jun 12, 2023
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