Kimola Cognitive | Product Update #1: New Integrations and Tutorials

Author: Beybin Esen - COO, Kimola
Beybin Esen COO, Kimola
Aug 22, 2022 - 2 min read
Kimola Cognitive |  Product Update #1: New Integrations and Tutorials

After launching Kimola Cognitive globally, we had hundreds of new users in the very first week. Although we have a solid product roadmap, we believe trusting in our users feedback will make us even stronger. This product update is the very first product update of Kimola Cognitive and surely not the last! 

Let's take a look at what has happened over the last month at Kimola Cognitive.

Airset Browser Extension

Kimola Airset Browser Extension

You can now use our extension on Chrome and Opera by adding it autmatically to your browser. Click here to go to Chrome Store link.

New Tutorial Videos

Kimola Inc Youtube
So this is not exactly a product update, but it's our first goal to help our users to get the best out of Kimola Cognitive 🚀 Visit our Youtube Channel for Kimola Cognitive Tutorials.

Latest on Youtube
✨ Grab Capterra Reviews with Airset Generator
✨ Grab Google Playstore Reviews with Airset Generator
✨ Kimola Cognitive - Onboarding
✨ Creating Custom Machine Learning Models


More Website Integrations

Kimola Airset Generator

Our Browser Extension is supporting 15+ websites to grab reviews now, including Amazon! We have integrated new websites for our users to scrape. Starting from, our users are able to get reviews from, Google Business Reviews, Udemy etc. 

How to See The Latest Supported Mediums? Click on the Airset extension icon on your Bookmark bar to see the supported mediums.

Book Reviews Sentiment Classifier

Book reviews sentiment classifier

If you're looking for the best sentiment model to analyze data, you need to create a model that is specific to your case, just like this one. We have created a sentiment classifier only for Book Reviews. Go to Kimola Cognitive Gallery to view it.

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