Product Update #2: Emotional Audiences and CTRL+Z

Apr 02, 2021 - 1 min read
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Hey! We hope you are having a great week. Here are our new features of Kimola Analytics to make your experience much more easy.
Let’s check it out!
Say Hi to Emotional Audiences
Now you can see how your audience feel, not just conversations.
When you monitorize your audiences, you will see "Sentiment Score" which tracks your country's emotional states live and compares it to your brand.
It's not like CTRL+Z; but...

Junk is ready to keep your content!
Did you delete a content by mistake while you were searching conversations about your brand? NOT A BIG DEAL! You can see all the content that you deleted in "Junk" section below the Audiences menu.
Have a great week! 
Team Kimola